Pantone creates 175 new colours

Global colour scientists and trend-setters Pantone have added 175 new colours to their range for the first time since 2003, bringing the total number of available hues up to 2,100.

The chosen colours were not, according to Pantone, a “random choice’, but have been created with both high fashion and home interiors in mind in order to have a “bigger influence on the consumer world”. They are described by Pantone as:

•A broad assortment of nuanced neutrals and mid-tones
•Many complex hues with greater depth and intensity
•A wide variety of vibrant brights across all color families
•Subdued and smoky variations of popular choice

The colours were created on Pantone’s 12 dedicated dying machines, which range in length from a few yards to 150 yards in length, to ensure they are recreatable and can therefore become standards for the “universal language of colour” that “permeates every level of the mind”.

Founded in 1885, Pantone started out with 1001 different colours and rapidly became the guru of sytlists, trend-setters and fashionistas the world over.

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