Global Trends A/W 2014 – S 2015: Part 1 of 5

World TraveUrbanGraphicller and Pop Art are the first of ten key macro trends based on the Global Trend & Design autumn/winter 2014 and spring 2015 forecast given at Spring Fair International 2014


A great content programme at Spring Fair International 2014 saw us avidly taking notes at one of several fascinating trend presentations given by Tom Mirabile, contributing editor for Pantone View and SVP, Global Trend & Design for Lifetime Brands.


Tom outlined 10 key macro trends that are likely to impact the gift and home market from autumn/winter 2014 into spring 2015, based on his research and expertise gathered from multiple fields, including 35 global exhibitions and a number of leading trend-forecasting agencies. The bottom line to all of this, he says, is that “consumers expect to see what’s happening in fashiLondonornamentscoasterson to cross-over into home and gift.”

The top ten trends – some of which represent developments of strong current trends – are: World Traveller, Pop Culture, Keepsake Garden, Neoclassical, Industrial Evolution, Rustic Romance, New Nostalgia, Highland Haven, Structure and Glamour (update).


World Traveller: This theme takes in the craving for opulence and the exoticism of far-flung cultures, with the paraphernalia of Phileas Fogg – trunks, globes, clocks, mementos, armillary spheres, the cabinet of curiosities – making great home accessories.


The conservation, curated look is key for this trend, which values craftsmanship and a beady eye for detail. Sun, moon, stars and other astronomical details bring this theme to even farther-flung destinations than the four corners of the globe.

PACIFICLIFESTYLEThe cabinet of curios features bird and butterfly details and incorporates a blend of crafts. Retro ideas start looking back to Victorian times and the pierced, laser-cut look is still very strong. Horn and bone [which doesn’t have to be real, there are some  siestafantastic fakes out there, which we would recommend in preference to actual animal products] is popular in this look and African animal prints including giraffe, zebra and cheetah are the patterns of choice. Intricate Moorish and Moroccan patterns are well within the comfort zone of this look for home interiors, with rusted metal colours and muted jewels standing out in the colour palette.

Images from top to bottom: Superhero inspired greeting card by Urban Graphic, keepsake box with atlas design by Febland, coasters from London Ornaments, globe by Artesania Esteban Ferrer S.L., trunk by Namaste, wall art by Pacific Lifestyle and giraffe mask by Siesta.

Casa GrandePop Culture: In strong contrast to the curated museum-feel of World Traveller is the fun, bright Pop Culture trend that keeps 50s and 60s retro-fashion in the spotlight.

theartgroupThis is a look driven by the licensing industry, in particular Marvel comics, Warhol and Lichtenstein art works – think ‘Zap’, ‘Pow, superheroes, sound-bubbles, paint spills and primary colour blocking to get a handle on this whimsical trend.

Plates, furniture, wall-art and even objects like telephones become stand-out decorative items when embellished with comic graphics and vivid rainbow palettes. Graffiti is another key element of this theme as the London Underground starts coming to the home in areas like fridges and living-room rugs.

BARNEYS NEW YORK  TOTEA craft influence seeps in via collage elements and consumers respond well to sets of items – eg plate or cup sets – that already include a mix of contrasting colours, rather than having to figure out the best palette for themselves. Mondrian-inspired design shines through and Barney, New York, has plans for a new collection of homeware featuring Roy Lichtenstein licensed products.

Images in this section: Graffiti and pop-art inspired fridge magnets from Casa Grande, vintage Marvel wall art from The Art Group and Roy Lichtenstein bag from Barneys.



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