Global Trends A/W 2014 – S 2015: Part 3 of 5

sewing-machine-tableIndustrial Evolution and Rustic Romance are the fifth and sixth of ten key macro trends based on the Global Trend & Design autumn/winter 2014 and spring 2015 forecast given at Spring Fair International 2014 by Tom Mirabile, contributing editor for Pantone View and SVP, Global Trend & Design for Lifetime Brands.


Babys Breath planterTom outlined 10 key macro trends that are likely to impact the gift and home market from autumn/winter 2014 into spring 2015, based on his research and expertise gathered from multiple fields, including 35 global exhibitions and a number of leading trend-forecasting agencies. The bottom line to all of this, he says, is that “consumers expect to see what’s happening in fashion to cross-over into home and gift.”

The top ten trends – some of which represent developments of strong current trends – are: World Traveller, Pop Culture, Keepsake Garden, Neoclassical, Industrial Evolution, Rustic Romance, New Nostalgia, Highland Haven, Structure and Glamour (update).

PDGLOBALIndustrial Evolution: Tom said this trend had been ‘on the edge’ of breaking through for the past few years and was now finally emerging, having made it ‘out of the factory and into home-related objects’. Everyday machines and tools like sewing machines and typewriters become decorative items and framework features are prevalent in oiled, rust-look, bronze and weathered wood. Alphabets and alphanumeric patterns are still in evidence but are now ‘a bit more fun’. Chalk receives a new lease of life as a means of spontaneous personalisation, while deep greys join oiled bronze and the ubiquitous rust to complete the industrial feel.

heartdesignsRustic Romance: This is another theme based on vintage ideals, possibly the post saleable and easy to recreate. The move into craft is even more pronounced, as the salvaged, historical look retains its charm. Handmade elements include added ribbons, jewellery, beads, coins and moulding and lots of lace provides further romantic inspiration.

Heidemi Ceramic DesignLace doesn’t have to be old-fashioned, however, it can be sexy, sensual and creative. Think lace on ceramics and cake stands, laser-cut reinterpreted baroque elements that has been scaled back to make it  more accessible.

hatThis trend includes a lot of beading but a less heavy use of crystal. Mixed fabrics and ceramics help to give a ‘shabby-chic’ distressed look and labels take over from the older ‘love-letter’ designs.

History is revered in this trend, with old books, bibles, shoes and grandmas hats making up the memorabilia and ephemera that help preserve memories. Rose pink and dusty, distressed pastels guide the colour theme, away from mint green and more towards sage.

Images from the top: vintage sewing machine transformed into a table, planter from Baby’s Breath, alphabet chest from P D Global, greeting card by Heart Designs, Heidemi Ceramic Design, cushion from Zazzle

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