Gift Ideas for Vegans

It can be tough to buy gifts for vegan friends if you aren’t vegan yourself. If you’re not sure whether the gift you’re considering is free of animal products and is kind to the environment, it can make your gift choosing even tougher. Luckily, it’s never been a better time to buy great items for your vegan friends. Here are some of the best ideas for gifts for vegans.

A cookbook with lots of vegan recipes. If your friend has recently turned vegan, this is an especially thoughtful gift as it can help them to find and try out new recipes. If you know they miss a particular cuisine since turning vegan, you could look for a recipe book of vegan options in that cuisine. This is sure to be gratefully received.

Reusable produce bags. Most vegans are also aiming to lead a more sustainable life, so gift produce bags to help them use less plastic. Look for bags made of recycled materials and choose a pretty or funny design, instead of a plain bag, to show you thought about your gift.

Chocolate. Vegan chocolate has improved a lot recently, so look for vegan chocolate gifts if you know your friend has a sweet tooth. There are lots of great options online, but make sure you read reviews first, as there are some less delicious options out there too.

A plastic-free starter kit. If your friend is vegan for environmental reasons, they will appreciate a kit to help them go plastic-free. You could buy a ready-made kit or pack one yourself, including reusable straws, a bamboo toothbrush, reusable bags, or toiletries in plastic-free packaging.

A slogan t-shirt. The internet is full of slogan t-shirts, and there are some great options for vegans. Look for an option that will make your friend laugh, as long as you know they will take the shirt as intended and not think you’re poking fun at their beliefs.

Sustainable candles. You might think a candle is already vegan, but wax is often sourced from bees, which is an animal product. Choose a soy-based candle in a beautiful scent to show you’ve really thought about what they can actually use.

A self-care kit. Buy a pretty basket, and then pack it full of vegan skincare treats. If you can, go for plastic-free packaging for extra friend points. Shampoo, a bubble bar, and a sugar scrub would all be good options to put in the basket.

Vegan snacks. If your friend loves to snack, pack up a gift basket of different vegan snacks. Try to pick things that don’t need to be refrigerated, so your friend can put some of the snacks in their bag or in their desk so they always have a snack they can actually eat on hand in case they go somewhere where their diet isn’t catered for.

Being careful to choose vegan gifts for a vegan friend is a great way to show you care about their values.

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