CAPI Europe offers the first CO2 neutral® flowerpot

The Made in Holland flowerpots by Capi Europe, recognised by their orange interiors, are produced in a 100% climate-neutral process and are good-looking to boot. The collection consists of more than twenty models in seven different colours.

Each model from the Made in Holland collection has a characteristic texture and whilst the pots have a robust look, they are very lightweight. As well as being extremely sustainable the pots have a very long lifespan and come with a ten-year guarantee.

CO2 neutral production takes place in CAPI’s own factory in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

For its climate compensation, Capi Europe is participating in the COMACO Landscape Management Project, which promotes sustainable agriculture and forest conservation in Zambia. The most important objectives for the project are to reduce uncontrolled deforestation and to increase the net forest cover.

The CO2 Neutral® label, awarded by the independent association Vinçotte, ensures companies that are awarded this label actively assess, reduce and offset their local and global climate impact. Unlike ‘greenwashing’, this label can only be obtained as a result of serious, demonstrable environmental efforts.

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