Sustainable Jewellery store Influenstar opens for business

Dedicated to protecting the planet for future generations, a British-based start-up has launched to offer stylish yet sustainable jewellery to fast fashion-conscious consumers. Influenstar offers a range of hand-finished jewellery, all made from recycled 925 silver and a gold-plated finish.

Founded by Ruth Morris, the ecommerce store stocks a range of earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings; all created with silver that has had a previous life. Its mission is to educate consumers about the impact of fast fashion, providing an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise on style, quality or durability.

With pieces retailing from £18, Influenstar’s recycled accessories come at an affordable price point for jewellery junkies, whilst also helping to lower fashion’s impact on the environment. The rise of consumer consciousness and subsequent need for circular or ‘slow’ fashion is something Influenstar has deliberately honed-in on.

All silver used to create Influenstar’s jewellery has had a previous life and using recycled silver omits the damaging mining and refining processes of extracting new resources from the earth. By skipping this process, Influenstar helps create less waste, cut down on C02 emissions, reduce water usage and other environmental impacts.

Capitalising on her passion for accessories and growing interest in ways to shop more consciously, Influenstar was founded by mumpreneur Ruth Morris during the summer of 2020. Having quit the teaching profession to spend more time with her two daughters, Ruth was then on furlough for the first part of the year and used that time to research and plan the Influenstar launch.

Ruth comments: “I am so excited to have finally launched Influenstar, after months of planning and research. The pandemic has shown us the importance of protecting each other and the world around us, which is something that became even more important to me after having my two girls. I wanted to do everything that I could, as a mum and a consumer, to protect my daughter’s future.

“I’m a big lover of fashion and jewellery – always have been – but it’s shocking when you start to look at the impact of the fast, throwaway fashion we’ve all become accustomed to. Some brands are starting to move away from this, but I think there’s a real gap in the market for fun, young and accessible jewellery, that’s desirable but doing its bit for the planet. I want to educate my customers about the need to use recycled jewellery and hope that then impacts some of their wider buying habits.

From our packaging to our actual jewellery pieces, it was extremely important to me from the get-go that we’d be able to provide our customers with guilt-free, quality products that don’t compromise style or sustainability, as much as possible.”

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