Spotlight on Franck Herval Jewellery

Home & Giftware magazine puts the spotlight on artisan French jewellery brand, Franck Herval, which is distributed in the UK by S L Designs. We caught up with SL Designs director, Smader Less, for an insight into the company.

Franck Herval is a French company, designed by the innovative creator Manuelle and handmade by artisan makers. Manuelle became artistic director of the brand in 2009, and since then Franck Herval has gone from strength to strength. Drawing on fashion shows, magazines and other materials, Manuelle creates exciting items tailored to what women want to wear. Combining the roles of designer and manufacturer, Manuelle and her team craft the Franck Herval brand in-house using sustainable, quality materials focusing on natural elements.

As well as in their native France, Franck Herval collections can be found today in retail outlets in fifteen countries around the world and It is available exclusively through Elka London.

Franck Herval designs two collections each year and the current catalogue features 14 beautiful and distinctive collections: Abelha, Becky, Camily, Celeste, Coralie, Danna, Felicie, Ines, Isis, Lilybelle, Marta, Sacha, Tamara, and Tiwa.

These 14 ranges combine diverse influences, united in the pursuit of excellence. Franck Herval earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings span a number of styles, combining and mixing so that every woman can find a piece to suit her unique personality and desires and at the same time taking care of our planet. Whether a colourful Egyptian design or something more subtle or conventional, every item in the Franck Herval collections tells its own story.

Balancing elegance, finesse and colour, looking your best can be affordable, with items ranging from as little as £20 to £89 without compromising on quality.

Franck Herval is currently available exclusively in the UK through Elka London and trade shows in 2020 proved to us how popular the jewellery is. We hope to continue our success and raise our profile and develop awareness of the Franck Herval brand by continuing taking part at trad shows and increased online presence. Our hopes are that the brand will be available in the coming years at gift shops, boutiques and gallerias in the UK, and will be available to every one.

Last year was an eye opening to us all, we learn to appreciate nature and we all understand that we can not abuse our planet any more. So you can find a lot of artistic touch in the jewellery industry which reflect this ethos. In our collections we use a number of sustainable materials and age-old artisan craft techniques. We strive to ensure our natural, organic components are earth-friendly. For instance our Felicie collection features vegetal fibres, giving the items a stunning rustic feel. In our Abelha and Lilybell collections you can find we touch the bees and butterfly which we all love and cherish.

Our collections cater for a variety of tastes and styles. Our market is the mature woman who love her self and her look. We appeal to any woman who wishes to wear well-made and a affordable price.

Jewellery provides the final touches to an outfit, it is the part which boosts our confident, makes us happy, make us smile. After the year we all had we want to feel happy and comfortable with her choice of accessories.

We believe that our jewellery should reflect the individuality and taste of everyone who chooses to wear them. She should feel at home in whatever pieces call out to her, increasing her self-confidence and style. Whether dazzling colours or a simple monochrome piece, whether gemstones, organic bone and shell, glass or simply our quality gold- and silver-plating, the modern woman will know what she wants when she sees it in our diverse collections.

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