2022 Colour Trends for Home Interiors

As we head into the dark days of winter there is always something bright on the horizon to look forward to, be it Advent and Christmas in the coming weeks or the rites of Spring further down the line in the New Year.

For home interiors designers, decorators and amateur enthusiasts it is also a time of planning and looking ahead to the colour and style trends that will shape lifestyles in the year to come. Whilst prominence is often given to Pantone’s Colour of the Year selections, paint companies can offer even better style guides, as they work with the true shades which will make it onto the walls of our homes and form the basis for interior moods and accents.

Paint companies including Benjamin Moore (their Urban Nature is pictured left), PPG, and Sherwin-Williams all believe that 2022 will be the year for balanced and harmonious grey-green, evocative of the natural world, from scenic oceans to windswept hilltops, as eco-consciousness becomes ever-more acute worldwide.

All shades of green will be big in the seasons ahead – not just the muted grey-green version – with everything from emerald and grass to pastel fresh, atmospheric olive and calming sage all coming to the fore, depending on the application. Deeper emeralds, like all jewel-tones are perfect for velvet cushions and upholstery, while sage is the ideal hue for kitchen cupboards or curtains.

Another paint company, Farrow & Ball, whilst concurring with the green backdrop, has even more ideas about the shades we will be splashing onto our living room walls next year, listing five key colours for 2022:

Breakfast Room Green No.81; Babouche No.223; Stone Blue No.86; Incarnadine No.248 and School House White No.291 (all pictured below).

Farrow and Ball has a tip for 2022 in the form of a new colour trinity – pink, blue and green – which find their perfect complement in the paint numbers given here.

Yellow Babouche is a cheerful shade named after the distinctive colour of Moroccan leather slippers, which will look more intense when used in large areas. It represents a happy return to normality after the upheaval of the past two years, bringing a splash of sunshine to any room.

School House White is a warmer pared-back shade without the cool undertones of the more contemporary neutral groups, which perfectly complements the four bolder hues of the rest of the 2022 palette, forming the basis for beautiful patterning.

Breakfast Room Green (pictured top) is another cheerful hue – the most cheerful of all Farrow & Ball greens, which retains its lively look in either bright sunshine or softer candlelight. It is light, airy and atmospheric, making it perfect for any room of the house, from bedroom to kitchen, offering the perfect backdrop for art or upcycled furniture.

Stone Blue is warm and timeless, named after the indigo pigment which was often imported in great chunks in the 18th century. It works brilliantly with School House White in sophisticated checkerboard or other simple but sophisticated patterns. Another paint company – Dulux – also selected a blue for its 2022 colour of the year, in their case, Bright Skies.

Last but definitely not least is the gorgeous Incandine, Farrow & Ball’s richest, most glamorous crimson shade. This colour has a strong classic feel, perfect for introducing bold and exciting elements into home interiors.


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