2022 Festive Trends

Ahead of Spring Fair, Trend Bible has put together a Festive Trends 2022 report to help guide buying decisions at the show in February.

As with all macro trends, wider global issues are the catalytic forces behind consumer attitudes and behaviours, helping to create opportunities for companies and brands which manage to stay ahead of the curve.

With identity politics and the attendant social factors a raging issue worldwide – especially in the English speaking world – consumers are seeking messaging and sentiments which make them feel truly represented, whilst rejecting traditions which they feel exclude them. Those who don’t feel they belong in their own family or community are teaming up to create their own traditions, like ‘Friendmas’.

Previously marginal voices have been greatly amplified in the past year or two and greeting card publishers can secure a slice of the diversifying consumer pie by devoting ranges to minority communities who may have been under-represented in the past.

Loud & Proud

The keynotes of this trend, which is being driving by inclusivity and representation, community spirit, ‘Friendmas’ and self-indulgence are: Hodgepodge Parties, Fearless Self Joy, Self-Expression, New Traditions and Potluck Dining. The mood is not shy or retiring, the mood is Loud & Proud!

When building ranges around this trend think of bold and brash statements which upend the usual traditions and make an immediate impact. Bring more delicate accents and features into the mix with ingenious paper craft, for a homespun feel, foiled lame for maximum glam or Neon for a futuristic twist. The more is more ethos also extends to food and drink, with unusual flavours and off-the-wall combinations packing the Loud & Proud festive table.

There is also a micro trend in the form of a playful take on classic checkerboard patterns. The traditional pattern is reinvented in clean, bold, graphics and quirky mismatched colour combinations. These checkerboard interpretations look fresh across Christmas and NYE celebrations, from table decor to gifts, tree decorations, nail stickers and socks.

In short, retailers can merchandise for this trend by getting ready to mix up traditional occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas with a major dose of irreverent fun.

White Winter

In stark contrast with the first trend, the environmentally conscious White Winter takes inspiration from calming rituals, icy landscapes, healing homes, cold therapy and the magic of winter.

When building ranges around this theme, be minimalistic and ritualistic in your approach, tapping into the serenity-seeking mindset of cold-comfort consumers. Anything which helps define ‘coldness’ will help you achieve the look, such as icy and frosted details and fresh, white on white styling. The message of this clean trend is to recharge, refresh and refocus, as consumers are driven by a continued search for improved health, reduced stress and a cleansed palate.

Mountainscapes form an interesting microtrend which hearkens back to its climatarian origins and drivers. From candles to food packaging or wall art, snow capped mountains are a motif that can expand beyond the festive season.

Images: Trend Bible


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