Present Time booms at Autumn Fair

Present Time is a brand factory specialising in wholesale gifts and home decoration items, whose mission is to “allow contemporary design to add fun and a personal touch to life”. It is the parent company of the following eight brands: pt, Bud, Silly, Wanted, Brink, Karlsson, J.I.P, and Leitmotiv.

The company enjoyed an extremely successful showing at Autumn Fair last week, with Sarah Skyte commenting: “The show’s been brilliant, our stand has been heaving. We had champagne, cupcakes and a bit of pina colada going so that helps get the party started!

“There has been a steady flow of people since we arrived and a lot of quality customers, people spending money and placing orders. There’ve been a few new accounts and a lot of existing customers have come in to place orders with us. It’s been a turbulent year and so we were a bit apprehensive before we came, but it’s been a fantastic show for us,we’re really pleased”.

GGR loves this brightly coloured alarm clock, perfect for snapping you out of a dozy reverie first thing in the morning!

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