Indigo pinpoints Colour, Print and Pattern Trends S/S 2014

Specialist inteWater-world_1_colonne_modernational surface patterns and textiles exhibition, Indigo, has revealed its S/S 2014 trends for colour, print and pattern. The season is highlighted by an optimistic attitude. There are lots of strong colour palettes that have multiple influences for how they will be utilized for different markets. There are two ways of interpreting each story. We see safe reassuring colors from prior seasons that are only slightly changed to update them. These base colors are then combined with other fashion colors of the season to create the newness we are all looking for. Colour Palettes from this season’s themes will crossover from high fashion to sportswear.


Here (above) we see both man’s fascination with the oceans and the underwater universe, while aerial views of the earth’s oceans from above are the other side of this trend . It is inspired by underwater-scapes including tropical fish, coral reefs and other underwater plant life both for colour and print direction. Vast oceans and rivers inspire this palette of water blues and greens that are calm yet powerful.  In addition we see colour in ocean white caps, shades of coral, water greens and acid yellows inspired by plankton. Prints and patterns include ocean shells, corals, plants, fish, and underwater life. Viewing the earth from above we see prints in marbled strata, small cross hatch patterns, mineral surfaces, cracked textures and raised surface effects.



As the future World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 are both due to be held in Brazil, the fashion world turns its attention to Central and South America as the influence for both colour and print/pattern direction. Colours reflect the colourful culture of Carnival and Mardi Gras with a happy playful attitude. Prints/patterns will show tropical flora and fauna plus lush jungle animal life and landscapes endemic to that part of the world. The other side of this trend has ice-cream colours. Prints and patterns are inspired by snacks eaten at the circus or at Summer County Fairs and Carnivals or perhaps prints with clowns, jugglers and circus performers.


Techno_1_colonne_modeTECHNO – URBAN

Inspiration is derived by the new worlds of science, math, architecture and technology full of optimism and discovery on the one hand and a more faded melancholy mysterious mood on the other hand. We see luminous, virtual light acid inspired pastels that are simulated, artificial, cold and man-made. The other side of the story is nature inspired soft, bleached out whites and neutrals. Prints and patterns are architectural shapes, grids in large and small scale, geometrics, natural honeycombs and digital laser patterns.

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