Ambiente pinpoints sustainably inspiring lifestyle trends

Opening up their 2017 trend report with the keywords Sustainably Inspiring, Ambiente organiser, Messe Frankfurt, asserts that “honest handling of materials and the clarity of design as well as surprising patterns and textures” are setting the style bar for coming seasons.




Creatives and designers are forging boldly ahead in new directions without “straining for superficial effects.” Buyers should have confidence in the powerful attraction of authentic design. Some of the trend ideas are notably masculine and traditional, with an unmistakably luxurious feel, while others are more whimsical and playful, in a move away from the pretty and feminine florals of seasons past.

Bold geometric patterns and vintage motifs are still strong, with eccentric animals, flamingos, cacti and pineapples still very much in evidence across stationery, gift and homeware. Also very much in evidence was a huge amount of greenery – from both real and artificial plants – supporting Pantone’s choice of this universally appealing shade as it’s 2017 Colour of the Year.

This surface design by the House of Turnowsky (pictured left) expresses a fabulous modern take on the evergreen pineapple motif, brought up to date with the bold, geometric pattern, monochrome accent and on-trend colours


The massive influx of plants further indicates a yearning for nature and the high value placed on natural materials. To put it in a nutshell, nature IS the new luxury for many home-makers. The rustic theme adopted by leading lifestyle brands in the UK supported the European-wide trend for rustic greenery, plantlife and luxury outdoor living. Planters pictured right are by Parlane International.


Four key trend themes and relevant colourways were pinpointed by the European trend experts of Stilburo bora.herke.palmisano:



Delicate Structures: Filigree structures and textures inspired by nature, featuring refined and comfortable surfaces that ask to be touched, created with the help of innovative processes. Colours include soft pink, coral and baby blue, greeny-yellow and yellow-green, with pale stone grey and black for definition. Ice crystals, leaf patterns, sand shaped by the wind and water-like surfaces, are recreated and elaborated by 3D printing or laser sinterring.

Pantone colours are: 7520 C / 14-1309 TPG; YELLOW 0131 C / 11-0618 TPG; 5797 C / 14-0615 TPG; 650 C / 13-4111 TPG; 9224 C / 11-0104 TPG; 487 C / 15-1523 TPG; 5185 C / 19-1619 TPG



Tilnar Art’s beautiful, tactile sculptures from Africa (right) are not just handmade from honest, natural materials but are also fairly traded. These beautifully encapsulate the mood and colour of the coming season.



Honest Materials: High-quality craftsmanship and artistry that keep tradition alive are valued here. The careful handling of original materials supports a strong rustic feel, with grounded products as unobtrusive as they are durable. Colours are subtle, muted and neutral for the most part, dominated by warm brown leather and berry tones, deep mustard and greys, with an orange-red highlight and black for definition.

Look out for simple designs in clay, enamel, cast iron and linen, with charming irregularities and imperfections. Brass and copper cooking utensils are still popular, while soft pink fashion accessories are cutting across several trend themes.

Pantone colours are: 289 C / 19-4024 TPG; 2331 C / 16-3802 TPG; 725 C / 18-1148 TPG; 436 C / 16-3803 TPG; 2334 C / 18-5210 TPG; 710 C / 17-1753 TPG; 2312 C / 16-1310 TPG

Jumbled Pattern: This light-hearted and inventive trend pays homage to the carefree spirit of childhood and imaginative fantasy worlds. Here you will see an uninhibited juxtaposition of nostalgic patterns and droll motifs. Colours include bright yellow, complementary blue and turquoise green, soft indigo, lavender and violet, with beige and brown base tones. This creative patchwork gives rise to bold geometric prints mixed with vintage and eccentric details, in cheerful colours. Toys, buttons, badges and other emblems provide joyful accents.

Pantone colours are: 542 C / 14-4121 TPG; 2232 C / 16-5112 TPG; 100 C / 12-0642 TPG; 2059 C / 17-2520 TPG; 482 C / 14-1212 TPG; 477 C / 19-1220 TPG; 2094 C / 18-3718 TPG


Notable Shapes:  Here is an interior design full of clarity, style and character, defining modern elegance with powerful silhouettes and sculptural forms. Make a statement with self-confident, concise and monolithic theme featuring dark, rich colours.

Deep leafy green, gilded mustard-gold, indigo,  coffee brown, black and warm grey. Compact materials include dark, high-grade wood varieties, leather and velvet, marble and metals, yielding rich contrasting surfaces. Look for striking combinations and distinctive inlays, diamond motifs and geometric patterns. Manifest luxury.

Pantone colours are: 2147 C / 19-3951 TPG; 7476 C / 19-4818 TPG; 7428 C / 19-1617 TPG; Black 4 C / 19-4015 TPG; Warm Grey 5 C / 16-3801 TPG; 7510 C / 17-1040 TPG and Hartweiss white.


Wedgwood’s sumptuous Byzance range blends the bold geometric statement of Notable Shapes with the eye-popping pattern crucial to Jumbled Pattern.


This fabulously high-end gardener’s trowel by Garden Glory is a perfect example of this luxurious trend that has a nod to the Art Deco theme seen at design-led British shows earlier this year.















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