Clintons launches Letter, the new social network!

A new social network powered by a range of social media-themed cards, launches today (April 20) in Clintons stores nationwide, offering people the opportunity to inject a bit more authenticity into their social interactions. 


The cards, which offer a resolution far beyond the best screens on smartphones, have an interactive internal page that can be tailored in an infinite number of ways using a remarkably low cost stylus, available everywhere. The cards cannot to hacked and offer a lifetime power-free display.

Commenting on the launch of Letter, Tim Fairs, VP of marketing at Clintons said: “We wanted to build the foundation and DNA of the new and secure one-to-one social network in line with the ongoing trend and evolution of social towards dynamically generated and authentic user-generated and non-syndicable content through technologies like liquidink, paper, PEN, postBOX and manTELpiece.”

“Our tracking of sales of various card types, from love to sympathy, shows that there are some fairly significant swings in the state of the national mood these days.  At the same time, our polling shows that people are becoming less enchanted with emoticons, Tweets, status updates, Instagram posts, texts and Snapchats as ways of expressing and sharing emotions.  Basically, people want something to hold onto.  There is a shift back to authenticity in the expression of emotions and we think our ‘new’ social network enables this.”

Old fashioned social networking terminology such as – Tweet, Post, Like, Share, Friend, Follower, DM, FaceTime, Emoticon and Notification – can be replaced by cutting edge Letter terminology and actions such as: Letter, card, post, thank you call or letter back, hand to someone to look at in person, someone you’ve met face to face, sealed envelope or whisper in the ear, meeting up or phoning up, carefully chosen words and – most excitingly – a thud on the doormat.

The letter range of greetings cards are now available from Clintons stores nationally.

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