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Small domestic appliances are getting increasingly smarter, heating up water to the desired temperature, conjuring up bowls of soup, producing bread dough, creating desserts and even turning fibrous fruit into ultra-fine purée for a smoothie. In fact, high tech can make all the difference. End users appreciate convenient gadgetry and are therefore happy to part with a bit of cash.

With their powerful motors, amazing add-ons and sophisticated design, today’s kitchen gadgets can fulfill almost any wish. Never before has there been so much consumer demand for toasters, electric kettles, blenders, etc. After all, there are now innovative products that make life easier, save time and meet our need for a healthy lifestyle, as healthy living has become just as fashionable as social dining. Consumers therefore not only enjoy cooking and baking shows on TV, they also like having a go at using various kitchen gadgets themselves – as long as those tools are smart.

“Small domestic appliances are greatly in demand,” says Thomas Kastl, Director Ambiente Dining. “Consumers love products that make life easier, save time and look good,” he explains. Convenience features apparently play a major role in all this. “And the same is true for personal health,” says Kastl, “which is moving up on people’s lists of priorities.” Also, as gadgets are increasing in smartness, they are in a better position to serve the consumer’s needs, creating powerful buying incentives.

The new generation of electrical kitchen gadgets has a lot more to offer than ultra-powerful motors and self-sharpening cutting systems. There are also quite a few further attractive functions: take, for instance, an electric kettle with temperature control, heating up water to exactly 100°C or indeed to 60°C, which is the ideal temperature for green tea. Depending on requirements, some of those kettles can even keep the temperature at a constant level. Making baby milk is a quick job now, while slow juicers can do a lot more than juicing; they can also enhance our health by preserving all the valuable vitamins. And the new generation of kitchen machinery ensures that fresh herbs are chopped extremely fine and that dough is kneaded as thoroughly as possible.

There can be no doubt that small domestic appliances provide genuine added value – not just for the user. They are also a major asset in the retail sector, both in its core product range and in its additional range – for instance in glass, porcelain and ceramics. It is this additional range, in particular, that helps a retailer to stand out among competitors and to present their own individual and exciting portfolio.

A large number of small electrical appliances will be showcased by top-of-the-range international exhibitors at Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main. The world’s leading trade fair for consumer goods will be held from 9 to 13 February 2018 and will feature 69 exhibitors, covering the entire spectrum of small domestic appliances. They will include manufacturers such as De’Longhi, Jupiter, Kitchenaid, Unold, Vitamix, Carrera, Severin and Smeg.

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