James Ellis commits to giving 1% for the Planet

It’s a new decade and greeting card publisher James Ellis has taken an eco-conscious step by committing 1% of its turnover to tree planting and environmental causes, through the organisation 1% for the Planet. This means that for every £100 you spend with James Ellis the company will donate £1 back to the planet.

James Ellis hsa been producing greetings cards and stationery since 1997 and believes it is time to start taking responsibility for the impact on the environment that the greetings business has made. To date members have donated over £170 million to environmental causes which are certified by 1% for the Planet.

Company owner James, says: “In order to be certified and be able to use the 1% for the Planet logo, donations have to be made to charities and non-profit members registered on the 1% for the Planet website. We are particularly interested in supporting causes involved in tree planting and protecting the natural environment. We have begun by donating to Avon Needs Trees, a charity set up to buy and reforest land in our local Bristol-Avon catchment area. Our 1st donation will be used to buy a piece of land that will be planted with indigenous trees that will extend an important habitat for endangered birds, wildlife and bats and will help protect nearby towns from flooding and stop water entering rivers, thus protecting towns and cities further downstream”.

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