Sing along with Nature’s Notes

GGR spotted this lovely natural skincare range, Nature’s Notes, which are music-inspired handmade soaps. Soaps in the collection are created using natural ingredients, tapping into the growing demand for healthier, synthetic-free products. These soaps are free of coconut oil, an ingredient which many customers find dries their skin – and instead contain ultra-moisturising Babassu oil sourced from Brazil.

Free from synthetics and artificial colourants, other key ingredients include nourishing Shea butter and vegetable oils, ensuring a skin-kind formulation.

Developed with love by soap-maker/founder Amina, the collection has been inspired by her love of natural skincare and her dual love of music. After experimenting with soap-making, Amina has found new ways of mastering the craft, drawing inspiration from the songs she loves.

Key finds from the current collection include a lavender soap named ‘Purple Reign’, inspired by the famed Prince song. Other favourites are the ‘Yellow’, infused with lemongrass and cedarwood, and the ‘Too Cool’, which features tangy peppermint and spearmint for an invigorating boost.

Amina encourages her customers to ‘Tune In To [Themselves]’ and make time for great skincare as the pace of life continues to increase. During even the busiest times, Nature’s Notes stems from the belief that there should always be room to take just a short time to indulge a multisensory treat, such as the thirteen soaps in the current collection. “Nature has given us such wonderful gifts,” says Amina. “I really want people to tap into the world around them and make some time to simply relax and unwind.”

Each soap is decoratively packaged with a cassette-tape-style label for added on-brand appeal, ensuring a look and feel which will jump off the shelves! Interested stockists can contact Anima directly to discuss arrangements for adding these beautiful, fragrant soaps to their collection.

Find out more and browse the full range of soaps online at the Nature’s Notes Etsy store


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