Beautiful floral tributes from Umbellifer

Umbellifer is part of the BCTF community and the work of artist, Stephen Lennon, who specialises in colourful floral subjects, particularly British wildflowers. The name Umbellifer itself also has an underlying floral meaning, being a plant of the parsley family, having its flowers arranged in umbels.

Stephen says: “I launched Umbellifer in November 2018 with a range of just 12 cards. I had no idea how to launch, so no one was aware I had launched other than a few friends and family through Facebook. But to me at the time it felt huge, new and exciting. Now, 16 months later, I have, with the launch of my British Wildflowers Collection, 76 cards in a range which includes Everyday, Thank you and Christmas cards.

“The emphasis has always been on beautiful images full of colour and with a strong line and composition: a modern take on traditional botanical greetings cards. But my new range is also about the environment, not only in its celebration of British wildflowers but in its 100 per cent recycled and recyclable nature and its plant based biodegradable cello bags. Twelve designs show some of our favourite wildflowers: including bluebells, cowslips, snowdrops and snakeshead fritillaries.

“BCTF 2020 was to be my first trade show, a chance to officially launch my brand and meet retailers and buyers with whom I could start long, lasting and commercially successful relationships. While that was not to be, as BCTF has been postponed to April 2021, my business goes on and I am looking to the future, to Christmas and to BCTF next year, where my range will be bigger and where I will launch a range of occasion cards and, whisper it, maybe even some Umbellifer merchandise. It’s time to get working!”

For a pricelist, catalogue or information email or call 07510874363. To view the full Umbellifer range visit: or follow on Instagram or Facebook @umbellifercards.


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