Celebrating together at a distance

The current pandemic and consequent lockdown have changed many aspects of our lives, including the way we conduct business and how we travel. However, one of the elements that the quarantine has affected the most is our personal relationships with our partners, friends, and family members. Some people spent weeks without the possibility of seeing each other, while others are stuck in a different country. However, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and engagements kept happening throughout these unusual times. Likely, there is a lot you can do to show your love and support – while respecting all the social-distancing rules in place!

A lot can be done online today, and it won’t decrease the power of the message you are sending or your feelings! For the ideal gift to give during lockdown, think of what your friends and family have mentioned during your recent phone calls. This can give you hints on how to surprise them! Personalized balloons, gift cards, and subscriptions to their favourite magazine or podcast can help you communicate your feelings without increasing health risks. These are all options readily available online that you can purchase without having to leave your living room.

A million things can be said with flowers if you know a thing or two about their meaning! Even if you are not sure whether a particular type is appropriate in your situation, you can always check with a local expert florist. However, many of them have implemented a delivery service that allows you to pick, order, and deliver flowers straight to the receiver’s doorstep.

These are not only inexpensive but also allow you to maintain the necessary physical distance with your loved ones. Additionally, while the future of the arts and crafts industry seems to be bright, this simple gesture allows you to support a small local business.

On the subject of business, if you have some employees working remotely, why not celebrate their continued hard work and support during the pandemic with virtual event gifts?

They will love receiving some unexpected personalised gift boxes from you, plus it shows that you appreciate what they do for your business.

Nothing is better than throwing a virtual party if someone you love is celebrating a significant milestone while alone in lockdown.

So, all of you can do everything you would have done typically – drinking, eating, chatting – at a safe distance. This option is free and affordable even for the ones who have suffered the economic backlash of the lockdown. Some of the best ideas include having a virtual dinner party or spending a cocktail hour together.

If you are spending this time in lockdown with your partner or family, you can celebrate any event with the right themed house party. There is no need to go to great lengths to decorate your house and build a theme. You can do so by making the most of what is already in your home and past birthday parties’ decorations.

If you need inspiration for the best party, try a Black and White, 70′s Disco, or even Game Night! Alternatively, you can spice up a standard dinner party with a Murder Mystery game!

While it has affected many other events and occasions, the lockdown has not stopped your family members and friends from graduating, getting promoted, retiring, or getting engaged. If you wish to let them know that you are thinking of them in such a critical moment, creating a tribute video can be fun and thoughtful. You can create one by using standard video-editing apps but putting the video together will be the most exciting part! You can ask your other friends and family for videos and photos taken during important – or hilarious – moments of the birthday boy or girl!

Get your home ready for summer and enjoy an al fresco dinner in your garden or terrace with your other half! If you have been in quarantine together, the chances are that the routine and vicinity might have created a little tension. Additionally, you might both be missing date nights and quality time spent together. While many couples are in a similar situation, there is something you can do about it!

Organise a dress-up evening for just the two of your – without phones or Netflix in the background. This is an excellent way to renew the romance and wear that dress you had bought just before the lockdown hit us! Also, there is no better way to celebrate this year’s anniversary, a birthday, or just any other day of the week spent together.

Staying close with your loved ones during lockdown can be a challenge, and many individuals have found themselves cut out of critical social situations. Sending a mindful gift or flowers to someone close to you or turning another standard day into a celebration can genuinely make a difference!

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