#SBS award winner, Treetop Treasures, shares a little magic

Treetop Treasures was established in 2017. Run by Bristol designer Sabella Tilley who graduated in 2011 with a First Class degree in Illustration. She told Gifts & Greetings Review:

“I loved the idea of creating one of a kind gifts that the recipient could keep forever. It was having my first daughter in 2014, that sparked this potential business idea, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third daughter in 2017, that I actually started the business.

“All products are engraved and cut using a laser cutting machine. Currently I design all items and put them together singlehandedly. I love to make the items, some, for example the layered wooden clocks are so intricate and fun to put together, like a jigsaw puzzle. In the coming months, I will be releasing a new Alice in Wonderland collection which I am so excited about.

“I have really thoughtful and sentimental customers. The majority of orders are gifts and something the person can keep forever. I also complete a lot of unique, custom orders too. So a lot of love goes into each order, knowing that the outcome is something that will be looked upon fondly for many years to come.

“Lockdown has been both challenging and motivating at the same time. Just before lockdown, I was awarded an #SBS award from Dragon Den’s Theo Paphitis. Shortly after this, I had to temporarily stop taking orders through my website to try and settle into a new lockdown routine that involved being there for my three young children. During this time, I was stealing away any moment I could (usually after the kids’ bedtime to work on my new collection). As soon as I reopened my website properly, I have taken more orders than I have before. It has been nice seeing so many new customers supporting small businesses like our own.

I directly sell to consumers through my own website www.treetop treasures.co.uk and my Etsy store TreetopTreasuresUK. I have been approached to sell through some retailers/gift shops, but at this point in time, I still want to be the first point of contact for my customers and be able to give them my items at the best prices possible.

I sell personalised items for weddings, for example Save the Date magnets. I love making these items and being some small part in such a big event in someone’s life. Understandably, this has gone a little quiet due to the uncertainty surrounding weddings during the COVID-19 situation but looking forward to this picking back up again soon.

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