How to pick out glasses to suit your face shape

Businesses have been trying to operate as best they can while trying to find ways to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. Some retailers have been able to adapt and move their sales online and other companies who sold products online to start with, have seen their sales increase during this time.

For some people, buying goods through the internet is somewhat of a second nature to them. However, there will be plenty of new customers who aren’t so familiar with shopping online and may have been converted to this way of buying over the last few months.

The pandemic has made people wary of close contact with others and one industry that may struggle because of this is the optical sector that requires customers to go into stores for eye exams and purchase new glasses. Although these opticians will have measures in place to ensure the customer’s wellbeing is a top priority, that doesn’t mean everyone will be jumping at the chance to book an appointment.

If you are due some new glasses but would rather buy online than head to a store, companies like have a wide variety of glasses to choose from including all the top brands. Visit website here to see the full range. If you need help picking out glasses to suit your face shape, keep on reading.

The Different Types of Face Shapes

Oval Face

Considered to be the most common face shape, the oval has balanced proportions and is the most versatile when it comes to wearing glasses. Choose glasses frames that are wider than the widest part of your face, so frames that are square or rectangular are the best options.

Round Face

If you have a round face, the width and length will roughly be the same proportion with soft curves and smooth lines. Round faces are distinguished and you will want to choose frames that make your face look longer and thinner. Opt for glasses frames that add angles like rectangular and geometric.

Square Face

People with a square face have bold, angular features like a strong jawline and broad forehead. You will want glasses frames that soften the angles and make your face appear longer, so choose round or oval-shaped frames that will add balance.

Diamond Face

This is one of the more uncommon face shapes. With diamond face shapes, the eye line and jawline will be narrow and the cheekbones will be high and a standout feature. Look for rimless frames to highlight your eyes, or frames that have a distinctive detail.

Oblong Face

If you have an oblong face shape, it will be longer than it is wide with features like a straight cheek line or a longer nose. Go for glasses frames that make your face look more balanced such as rounder panto. Frames with a low bridge can help make the nose look shorter.

Heart Face

A heart face is widest at the forehead and narrower towards the jawline, usually with high cheekbones. This is another versatile face shape, so most frames will suit you. Bottom heavy frames can create more width if your chin is especially narrow, or oval-shaped frames can draw attention to your eyes.

Make sure you have your prescription details as you will need this information to ensure you get the correct glasses for your eyesight.

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