Plotting Christmas: An off-the-wall guide

Pretty soon it will be time to start thinking about your Christmas gifts unless you have already begun of course. But, you’re probably hitting a wall, unable to think of any new, creative, and something that will really wow your loved ones and friends. We know how hard it can be to come up with original ideas in the true sense. That’s why we have done the hard part for you and thought of some gift ideas that are straight out of the left field, the clear blue sky, and something that would be weird, wonderful, and wacky but nonetheless thoughtful.

Nerf guns

For some reason, nerf guns are making a comeback. Nobody asked why but we’re going with it. Nerf is child-friendly but we still recommend you stay cautious and never shoot someone in the face, even with a foam dart. But nerf is very fun and safe with plenty of replay value. These guns have air pressure cans that allow for the foam darts to be short long distances and make for some really good competitive matches. The Nerf Modulus Regulator is one of the top models and is built like an assault nerf gun. It’s pretty large but this is mainly for outdoor play anyway. It has to be fed by magazines and this adds to the immersion value. So nerf it up this Christmas with a nerf vs snowball match!

Ceremonial plot

If you have lost a loved one this year, whether it’s due to the pandemic or otherwise, a private yet affordable plot of land would be a great gift to give to a loved one. As you can see, one way to do it is to go through Celtic Titles. They sell small plots of land which can be used for anything you wish, but most, for ceremonial purposes. It can be to place a plaque in the ground, dedicated to the memory of someone who passed away. It can be to plant a small plant or tree in their name. You can use the plot of land anyway you wish. You’ll get a free membership coaster, a booklet of the register showing which piece of land you have bought and a welcome letter written by the company. Plots of land that are sold like this, cannot be used for many other things, so essentially, you have a secluded spot and one which gives you privacy.

Thumping your pains away

Massage thumpers have been getting quite popular lately and we thought we’d find out why. Professional athletes have been using them, as a means to break up scar tissue. As ever, anything that real professional athletes are using, is going to be good enough for the average Joe. The Recoverpro is one of the top models on the market. It’s used as a supplement for deep tissue massage therapy. In the real deal, the therapist will penetrate deep into the muscle, using elbows, knees, and knuckles. It’s painful, long, slow and it is not for the faint of heart. However, the Recovapro and many other thumpers, rely on impulse shock which sends a shockwave through the muscle, tightening and loosening it, very rapidly. It’s like being elasticised, but it works.

Spiced gel candle

It’s that time of year when cinnamon is thrown around like confetti. And we’d never change it for the world! Who doesn’t love cinnamon and spices in pies or mulled wine? But what about a candle? Yes you can make your very own spiced gel candle, which only takes gelatin, candle wicks and some spices. Cinnamon is the obvious choice but you can go with cloves, star anise and some dried fruits like oranges, apples and figs.

Heat up the gel in some water and throw in the spices. Allow to simmer for about a good hour. This will get all the aroma out of the spices and allow the gel to release the scents as the candle burns, much more effectively. Stick the wick at the bottom of a glass jar and pour in the mixture. Allow to set naturally, don’t place it in the fridge. Once set, you have your very own mulled or spiced gel candle.

These are just some of the weird and wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts, we could come up with. Can you think of something else, that’s even more outside of the box? Let us know!

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