GCA highlights 12 Gardening Trends for 2021

The Greeting Card Association is looking ahead to major themes in gardening for the year ahead based on Instagram trends, which indicate that balconies, garden furniture and wildlife-friendly plants are set to dominate in 2021. With environmentally friendly, sustainable practices also topping the agenda, the top 12 gardening trends being predicted are:

Wild gardens – let the plants and flowers grow wild and welcome in the birds, bees and butterflies. Start by opting for a single-flowering variety of plant with open flowers. Add long wild grass and plant vines that create a wild and untamed look.

Organic gardening – opt for using organic materials in your garden in 2021 to help nurture the ground you’re planting in.

Saving water – whether you’re a gardener or not, the importance of saving water is becoming more widespread. We envision it being a bigger trend in gardening in 2021, as more people have taken to their plots recently and have become more aware of the environmental consequences.

Permaculture gardening – this is a technique that works with nature to create food, shelter and water for your garden.

Raised garden beds – create a gorgeous feature in your garden by building a raised wooden garden bed, it is ideal if you’re working with a small space. If you fancy a more rustic look, use old railway sleepers.

Peat free – increasing numbers of people are opting to go peat-free in their gardens and this will continue into 2021, as garden centres offer more expert advice for people to make their own decisions, as well as peat free alternatives.

Balcony gardening – we will start to see more city goers turning their balconies into urban jungles with stunning plants, homely furnishings, and accessories. Plants like bamboo, eucalyptus, peace lilies and jasmine will feature.

Inside outside – take your indoor furniture outdoors by adding sofas, garden rugs, outdoor cushions and potted plants to your outdoor space. It’s all about creating a flow from inside to outside. This can be achieved by choosing plants like geraniums and lilies that work well in both environments.

Tiny gardens – it’s all about making small spaces look bigger. You can achieve this by growing up to use your vertical space, having a clear pathway, laying borders and creating separate zones. Add some eye-catching geraniums and geums to brighten up the place.

Windowsill gardens – try and make the most of your windowsill by transforming it with some Insta-worthy plants. Chillies, kale, pea shoots and spinach will add a little spice to your windowsill.

Grey gardens – introduce grey to your outdoor space with silvery foliage plants and match them with some pops of complementary colour.

Cottage gardens – this trend is so simple, all you need is some traditional materials, plants that are a mixture of ornamental and edible. It’s all about injecting grace and charm to your space.

Image: Balcony Garden

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