Spotlight on Stone Creations

In the course of every day we come across countless independent designer-makers who create delightfully original crafts and other products which deserve to be seen more widely.

Stone Creations recently caught our eye and we spoke with designer, Denise Mathers, to learn more about her business. She told Home and Giftware magazine:

Although born in Manchester, my family roots are from Yorkshire, where I now live, and have my studio. I have enjoyed painting from school age and first started painting wildlife and pet portraits using pen and ink, watercolour, pastel, and acrylic.

In 2002, whilst out walking, I picked up a stone resembling a sealion, which I brought home and painted, the start of Stone Creations.

I now transform natural stones into unique, lifelike creatures. I choose the stones very carefully for their individual shape and form to match them with the animal I am creating. They are then transformed using acrylic paint and sealed for outside if requested.

Many of my commissions provide perfect memories and a treasured keepsake for owners, of their beloved pets. I also do themed collections, for example, dogs, cats, wildlife, farm animals, birds and so on. I can photograph some I have in stock in groups for customers although I don’t tend to have many groups photographed at present and tend to photograph most individually.

I create a vast range of designs as each one is depicted by the shape and formation of the stone, if I see a certain creature in a stone, that’s what it will become. I do try to keep creatures in stock that are popular, but also have a few more unusual creatures too, for example a walrus.

My work can be viewed at several galleries, shops, craft fairs, and agricultural shows, In the Yorkshire area, also via my website or Etsy shop

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