Portmeirion Group opens virtual showroom for 2021 collections

Lots of companies are creating some kind of online connection to launch new products and with the mecca of Spring Fair absent, it’s not just the cappuccino everyone will be missing.

Jacqui Gale, Chief Commercial Officer at Portmeirion Group Limited, promises an immersive experience with the launch of the Portmeirion Group virtual showroom. “Portmeirion has partnered with Brandlab to develop a bespoke virtual reality showroom and an immersive digital platform, to host events and live appointments. We will be showcasing our new collections with the use of a high quality, fully integrated, face to face virtual world which looks and feels like a premium real life showroom.”

“It is so much more than a presentation or a zoom show and tell. The graphics are so life like, as the customer walks through an almost real world. Their view and their movements will be just as if they are in a beautiful showroom. Browsing shelves, touching products, information to absorb, chatting as they go.”

Portmeirion Group combines six unique, high-end quality, established homeware and fragrance brands. Recognised worldwide, Portmeirion pottery is utterly distinctive but built for real life; Spode’s iconic and ultimate style statement appeals across the generations; based in the Lake District Wax Lyrical is the UK’s largest home fragrance company; Pimpernel is the unrivaled premier brand for placemats, coasters and accessories; Royal Worcester truly epitomises its name with 270 years of history that is intricately intertwined with royal families, occasions and events; and Nambé is synonymous with mid-century modern design and develops award-winning products that offer performance every bit as faultless as it is beautiful.

Continuing to also partner with some of the world’s most esteemed designers, the Portmeirion Group is presenting literally thousands of products under one roof from an unparalleled selection of collections. “Portmeirion Group exports globally and now we have a personal location in which all our customers can join us.” said, Jacqui. “Although our teams are working in different offices and home offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities, the one place we will all be together is the new showroom. That’s as exciting for us as it is for the customer experience.”

Jacqui added, “Each part of the Group has new designs, new products and collection extensions to showcase but the Showroom will also house our best-selling world renowned existing collections. Whether stocking a gift shop or boutique, or plotting the trends for department and independent stores, the Portmeirion Group virtual showroom will ensure our customers have this years’ must haves.”

Jacqui can’t stress enough how extremely easy the virtual showroom is to use. “We can arrange a guided tour for any time of the day to suit the customer. It is easy to navigate with full video and voice chat. We will miss exhibitions and fairs this year but we won’t miss the tired feet. Retail is working hard to overcome the legacy challenges of 2020 and we want to show we will find solutions to help – especially with as personal an experience as possible.”

“Stores need to refresh and replenish with the newest trends for their customers and they are looking past summer and beyond Christmas. The flexibility of a virtual showroom also means we can continually update and present the perfect products throughout the year”

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