Maison et Objet Sustainable Product Showcase

Sustainability is higher on the agenda than ever before and consumers are demanding that manufacturers and retailers alike adhere to the best possible standards of production, offering items that are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful, functional additions to our homes.

As part of its Spring 2021 digital show season, Maison and Objet and More (MOM) invited Patricia Beausoleil, Directrice de création Environnement, maison Peclers Paris, to take her pick of the ethically produced items on display at the virtual exhibition.

Introducing the showcase, she told us: “In an unprecedented way, our interiors have become the epicenter of our daily lives and the idea of infusing our living spaces with a creative impulse rich in meaning and values becomes mandatory. We want to include sustainable products, celebrating ancestral principles of inherently natural simplicity. There is need to bring together innovations created with precision, geared towards comfort and modularity with the intuition to celebrate a responsible and inspired creativity”.

Below are some of her sustainable product favourites, including Capiz pulp vases and flower pots from Kinta, the Cora Chair from David Jofracor, Libeco Home’s Pacific linen placemats, Mona hemp bed linen from La Cerise Sur Le Gâteau, the bamboo sink caddy organiser from Ekobo, Chhatwal & Jonsson’s traceable rug, Una, Myum Veggy Toys, Smarties and Nomads Cushions from Muskhane and adorable, sustainable plush from WWF.

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