Margo & Ludo opens for business

Margo & Ludo, a startup e-tailer inspired by the rising popularity of the lockdown generation of puppies and their owners has opened for business. Margo and Ludo are two lockdown pups – best friends and neighbours – born in 2020 three months apart. Margo is a Golden Labrador and Ludo is a German Shorthaired Pointer.

The company is now on the lookout for further canine models to join Margo and Ludo and is encouraging dog owners to submit their dog pictures and stories on the site where each month a new dog will be selected to feature on its very own range. A percentage of annual profits will be donated to dog charities – the first will be labrador and GSP rescues.

Jacki Vause, Ludo’s entrepreneurial owner and the founder of Margo & Ludo, wanted a website packed with top quality, sustainable, gift items dedicated to dog lovers, as well as a destination that would be the base for a growing community of owners and fans. Sketches of the pups by Margo’s owner Emily marked the start of this lockdown e-tail dream.

“Margo & Ludo is super-proud of its lockdown heritage,” said founder Jacki Vause. “In 2020 we were challenged to diversify and so we put our skills and experience into creating a new business that reflects our passions and focuses on the good side of the pandemic – the rise in dog ownership”.

The statistics are clear, over half of the UK population owns a pet, and according to Kennel Club figures, registrations have soared by a quarter over lockdown. “A new generation of dog owners have emerged in Lockdown,” added Vause.” We have experienced it in Greenwich Park where we meet with many new owners and swap tips, advice, and stories. There are hundreds of social media groups on Facebook, Nextdoor, and Instagram and we think Margo & Ludo can provide a fun dedicated community resource – starting with finding the UK’s next dog model every month.

Margo & Ludo is looking for the next face to be sketched and be featured on its beautiful high-quality range of giftware. To enter please go to the website and send a picture and a few words about why your dog deserves to be selected.

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