Greetings from Carrie-Ann Coupe

Carrie-Ann Coupe is an independent family run greeting card publisher based in Lancashire who is currently showcasing her latest designs at Giving & Living Online.

The ever popular Sketchbook range comprises of over 200 greeting card designs. Whilst each card is beautifully handcrafted, each range is imaginatively designed to represent the various occasions in the greeting card calendar. Designed digitally, all of the greeting cards are printed in the UK and then hand finished by Carrie-Ann and her team. Embellishments finish these decorative greeting cards.

Carrie-Ann told us “having worked in the branding industry since graduating with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, this very corporate world came with its limitations. Born out of the love for the handmade, hand drawn and surface pattern Carrie-Ann initially started by making cards for friends and family, producing everything by hand! Born out of the love for the handmade and surface pattern Carrie-Ann Coupe Cards was launched in 2012 and has continued to grow”.

Carrie-Ann Coupe’s greeting cards are stocked in many retail outlets across the UK. It is the first time Carrie-Ann Coupe is enjoying the digital edition of Giving & Living but fingers crossed next time they will be able to be there in person! Carrie-Ann Coupe is looking to expand within the South of England.

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