How Primeur’s Tierra Verde planters are driving profitability

Virtually indestructible, sustainable, self-watering and trend-led design – it’s not hard to see why Primeur’s multi-award-winning Tierra Verde planters are proving so popular with garden retailers up and down the country. With the peak selling season incoming quickly, Primeur is reminding retailers of the key benefits of this ever-popular product offering.

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers were demanding more from their products, with a particular emphasis on sustainable products and those that looked to support environmental protection. Primeur’s Tierra Verde offering has always been built on similar values; values which have been setting the benchmark in innovative material usage within the garden retail sector.

Every year over 2.5 billion tyres are produced worldwide, each one replacing a tyre which has reached the end of its lifecycle. Until now most of these end-of-life tyres would have been made into rubber crumb for use in children’s play and athletic surfaces, or sadly headed to landfill where they would take over 80 years to decompose. However, a fresh look at this rubber crumb material – 6kgs from every tyre – has opened up many uses while shining a light on the significant benefits beyond reducing waste within landfill.

Since 2017 Primeur has helped to repurpose more than 5,000,000 tyres every year, giving these recycled materials a second lease of life in the nation’s gardens as Tierra Verde planters as well as stepping-stones, garden borders and deck tiles. While recycled rubber helps to relieve the burden of waste tyres on the environment, the material’s flexibility and durability offers a host of USPs that retailers can take advantage of to drive sales.

Unlike some traditional non-frost proof containers, recycled rubber planters won’t crack in sub-zero temperatures, or smash if displays topple due to strong winds or accident-prone shoppers. Consumers also love the fact that recycled rubber is mould and mildew resistant, therefore eliminating the tedious and messy chore of scrubbing green algae from containers or blasting it away using a pressure washer. Because rubber is a softer alternative to glazed or Terracotta containers, it’s a safer option to use in gardens where children and pets play, whilst the material can tackle even the most vigorous impact of lawnmowers and nylon cord trimmers.

In addition to appealing to consumers with its strong environmental credentials, Tierra Verde also offers peace of mind regarding watering thanks to its innovative self-watering system – perfect for time poor gardeners or those that have a track record for under watering their greenery! Featuring a self-watering base, the in-built reservoir collects excess water, preventing wastage due to run-off, and provides a handy moisture resource that plant roots can gradually take up as and when required.

The smart design allows Tierra Verde planters to be used in the home as well – bringing the outdoors inside – while eliminating the danger of water escaping and damaging carpets or flooring.

Planters they may be but that doesn’t mean Primeur’s Tierra Verde offering fails to move with the times. From sleek contemporary settings to traditional gardens, all the planters in the collection offer flexible design options no matter the backdrop. For the 2021 season, Primeur has drawn inspiration from the current trend which merges the lines between indoors and outdoors, with grey a central colour of this theme.

Primeur is pleased to report that its UK-based stock holding means its product availability remains at an all-time high. Having brought product into the country much earlier than normal, the company has been able to respond to the rise in consumer demand and ensure that retailers are armed with stock throughout the season.

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