Aroma Lamps continue to shine for Lesser & Pavey

Over the past 15 months people have been spending far more time at home and as a result have undertaken more home improvements and thought more about the ambience of the home.

Throughout this period, Lesser and Pavey has provided ranges of fragranced products that continue to be highly popular including candles, diffusers, and aroma lamps. More than just a lamp, these aroma lamps from Lesser and Pavey bring fragrance and light into any living space in the home and this new range also brings delightful, decorative floral shapes.

The Desire range is all about wellbeing, which can be enhanced with these soothing multi-coloured lamps that are touch sensitive, projecting light that can be used with wax melts and aroma oils, in a range which emcompasses over 100 items. They help create a calm, restorative atmosphere whilst also providing a decorative element for home interiors.

Each lamp comes individually gift boxed and some models also have a remote control and can play music via Bluetooth. The fragrance oil and wax melts to use in conjunction with the lamps are also available.

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