Sustainable Gifts that are great for any occasion

Are you wanting to buy a present for someone? You or the recipient may be very conscientious of the planet so are wanting to buy them something eco-friendly and sustainable. Look no further, this guide will give you wonderful ideas for gifts you never even knew existed.

Perfume: When you think of perfumes you don’t necessarily think of them being very sustainable with all the packaging they come in, the glass bottles, and the harmful chemicals used to make them. They have indeed gotten much better over the years and now come in recyclable boxes, at least.

The recipient may be dipping their toes into the world of being vegan. The ideal gift for them would be a vegan gift set, there are many to choose from including perfume and a body lotion, perfume and a candle, and finally a set of 4 perfumes. This is a great idea as most sets are just standard body lotion that comes with the perfume but not everyone likes body lotion or they may not be able to use it. So having other choices available opens up the market massively.

Thermal Travel mug: Do you know someone who spends their life drinking tea, coffee, or water? Why not buy them a travel thermal mug/flask. If you are wanting to get them an eco-friendly sustainable flask then you could look into buying them the Kambukka Etna thermal mug. This can keep drinks hot for a long time, up to a whopping 9 hours and it also keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours. This would be the perfect present for someone who is on the go all the time, they can grab a quick drink and it doesn’t matter if they don’t drink it straight away. Better yet the mug is leakproof and can be put in the dishwasher when it needs a clean.

Soft Toys: Soft toys can be sustainable as well, if you are needing to buy a present for a younger person then you might like to buy them something they will keep for a long while. Soft toys and teddies will be loved and cherished by all but especially younger kids who can put them on their bed to keep them company during the night. Keel toys, well they now offers eco-friendly soft toys, their name is the same except they added in the word eco for these toys so their badge says Keel Eco. These soft toys are made of 100% recycled materials, this is a great way to teach kids about looking after the environment and the benefits of recycling.

Bamboo Household Items: Finally, you could treat your friend or loved one to a bamboo set. There are a few different ones on offer including household utensils and cutlery. These are great as they can be put in the dishwasher after use and they won’t get damaged. The good thing about using bamboo products is that when you are done with them they will naturally decompose and give the good nutrients back into the ground so that goodness can be used by the earth to encourage plants and trees to grow.


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