Crack the Wedding List!

Wedding planning should be a joyful event, and although there is a lot to do, ideally, you will have loved the process. You would have considered everything and devised a strategy for the big day itself. However, there is one item that many brides and grooms just forget, and although it may not seem like a massive issue at the moment, you’ll realise how essential it is to remember. It’s your wedding presents.

Those who attend your wedding will want to give you a present to commemorate the joyful event. Assuming you’ve already got a home together, if you don’t create a list of things that you’d genuinely find helpful or that would help you start your married life off well, you’ll find that your well-meaning friends and relatives have given you a lot of items you already have, or things that you do not need. Here are some suggestions of what you can ask for to guarantee that people who want to give you anything know they are getting something you will be pleased with when you eventually get around to opening your gifts.


Cash may not be something that everyone feels comfortable asking for, but it is frequently something that many newlywed couples will find most helpful when they are just starting off. Weddings are costly, and it may be beneficial to replenish wallets and bank accounts afterward. If you don’t like the concept of asking for money, there are several alternatives. You might specify precisely what you plan to use it for – a honeymoon, for example, is a common choice. Guests will know that their money is going to a worthy cause this way. Or you could request gift vouchers instead.

Longed For Items

What is it that you’ve always wanted for your house but haven’t been able to afford? Why not have your guests purchase it for you? It won’t come as a surprise, but it will wonderfully complement your house. Whether it’s a beautiful piece of art, an item of cooking equipment, a barbecue for the nice weather, or anything else, now is the time to ask for it. If the item you’re thinking of is particularly expensive, you could request that guests club together. Yes, you will only get one present rather than many, but it will be precisely what you want, and it could be something that you would otherwise never be able to have.

Lamp by Phil Cook Designs, exhibiting at the Great British Craft Fair, Event City, Manchester, from November 20-21.


If your house is already filled and you have more than enough of what you need, but your wedding guests still want to buy you something, then experiences are perfect. You could be offered coupons for a variety of exciting activities, such as wine tasting, flying an aircraft, learning how to throw a pot on a wheel, horse riding, a theatre trip, and much more. How wonderful would your first year of marriage be if you could have a dozen or more adventures throughout the year while learning new things and spending time together? It’s no surprise that experiences like these are so popular.

Something Personalised

Personalised presents are often highly appreciated and treasured for a lifetime. Flowers and chocolates are quickly forgotten once they’re used up, while customised gifts are remembered. A customised present like personalised photo gifts will also most likely have a backstory, evoking pleasant memories or a particular connection that makes the recipient smile. As a result, the receiver will keep their new present near to their hearts and display their new one-of-a-kind item for everyone to appreciate. Personalised gifts are perfect for weddings as they are full of emotion and will be cherished forever.

Quality Pots And Pans

If a couple lives together before marriage in this day and age, chances are they have a fully equipped kitchen. That isn’t to say they don’t want to improve it, however. Graduating from the hand-me-down pots and pans your mother gave you when you first moved out is a big deal, and a wedding is the perfect excuse for a fancy new set of copper or Le Creuset cookware (which is difficult to justify buying for yourself if you already have a perfectly good, if outdated, set at home).

If you ask for something that you know is of high quality, you can be almost one hundred percent sure that that item will last for many years, and sometimes even for a lifetime. Not only will you have something lovely for your kitchen, but every time you use it, you’ll think of the person who gave it to you and your wedding; it’s incredible how something as functional as pots and pans can evoke such strong and happy memories.

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