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Men have been ditching the tired old tradition of giving their wives one big gift for their birthday or holiday and are instead opting for multiple small gifts throughout the year. Not only does this make your wife feel like she has something new to unwrap every week (and gets her more excited about doing so), but it also lets you show how thoughtful you are by having something specific picked out just for her. If you like the idea but are you stumped when it comes to knowing what to buy, these six Ideas Will Help Inspire Some Great Presents!


This is another great choice for women who like new things without having to think too hard about them. There are always trends in jewellery such as eternity rings, birthstone pendants and bracelets. While some wives might not want to wear something unless it’s “in,” others will enjoy seeing their husbands’ thoughtfulness no matter when it was purchased.

Tickets to an Event

It’s always nice for your wife to have something fun planned, which is exactly what you’ll help her do by purchasing tickets to a great concert, play, movie premiere – anything that gets her out of the house! Of course, this is another fantastic option as long as she can wear comfortable shoes and doesn’t mind sitting still for two hours (or walking around).


Not only will your wife enjoy some relaxing “me time” after giving up her afternoon for you, but she’ll appreciate just how much thought you put into selecting the perfect way to treat her special needs (i.e., not tickling!) Not sure where to go? Check online for coupons or discounts that may apply to first-time customers.

A Homemade Coupon Book

Who says romance is dead? Not only is this idea sweet, but it’s probably more thoughtful than anything you’ve ever given her before (and bonus points for creativity!). Make multiple pages with different promises of things she’ll love – like having dinner made one night per week, a movie night without interruptions, and being allowed to sleep in on weekends – and add your own personal spin.

Date Nights

It may sound simple, but this is a gift that’s priceless! Whether you plan a date night once a month, every other week or just at the end of every day – your wife will look forward to spending time with you and building memories that’ll last a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be fancy or extremely expensive, just something that shows how much your relationship means to both of you.

Customised Coffee Mugs

Just because it seems silly doesn’t mean it isn’t special! Pick a theme, and have coffee mugs made for the two of you. If she loves girly things, go with hearts and flowers. If she’s into sports or cars, pick out something that’ll show off her interests. For foodies who just can’t get enough of their favourite beverages, choose from unique images – like a fork and knife reaching through the mug to grab a croissant – for an unforgettable cup of joe every morning.

Mug pictured by Happy Ink Gifts.

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