Gorgeous new face cream from Desert Harvest

Desert Harvest has launched a new Aloe Renew moisturising and firming cream which will make a great gift for female friends or family and is the perfect little luxury for a spot of self-treating. Packed with a patented blend of Desert Harvest’s proprietary, nutrient-rich aloe and other powerful, all natural ingredients, Aloe Renew is the perfect cocktail to fight aging and exposure to pollution, to fight exposure to pollution and other environmental elements.

Our tester has extremely sensitive skin with multiple allergies and is a tough customer to please when it comes to any kind of facial moisturiser, but this gorgeously-scented cream passed the test with flying colours. She said: “The first thing you notice is it smells amazing – not heavily perfumed just a lovely, fresh and natural citrus scent – and the cream itself feels surprisingly rich for an aloe vera-based product, as they are often gel formulations. The next surprise is how easily it sinks in for such a rich cream and you can slather it on with wanton abandon – as I did! This was a real treat for me as I have very dry, sensitive skin and certain areas are prone to flare up if I put any kind of moisturiser on. This felt like giving my skin a long-awaited drink!”

Aloe Renew’s key ingredient, aloe, is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, antiseptic and anesthetic. Aloe includes over 75 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, salicylic acid and polysaccharides that have been shown to support multiple benefits. It also helps with collagen production and tissue regeneration.

This moisturiser also includes I-Threonine, an essential amino acid that the body can’t produce and must be acquired through products or diet, Tripeptide-1, which stimulates collagen production, and CoQ10 to help generate energy in the body’s cells. Its copper and ceramides also promote skin elasticity, firmness and thickness, while reducing wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Desert Harvest is known for providing the highest concentrated aloe in the market, because of the way they harvest.

Aloe Renew is distributed throughout the UK.


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