Guilt-free Vegan Gummies from Sweet Lounge

Sweet Lounge has launched a delicious range of vegan sweets which make the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, especially vegans and vegetarians. This forward-thinking brand not only satisfies a sweet tooth but puts its efforts into sustainability with fully compostable packaging.

All products in the Sweet Lounge Gummies range eliminate animals from production and use environmentally friendly packaging, all without compromising on taste or texture. There are currently 5 flavours in the range; Fruity Bears, Fizzy Fruity Bears, Fizzy Strawberry Hearts, Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles and Fizzy Cola Bottles which are all are gluten free and contain no artificial colours or flavours.

We were excited to test the sweets, which arrived at just the right moment on a busy day when a sugar boost was needed. We started with the scrumptious fizzy strawberry hearts and can’t wait to make a dent int the Raspberry and Cola Bottles! The vegan-friendly nature of the sweets makes them a perfect choice for those who care about animals, but they are more than tasty enough to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth and the texture is more appealing than regular gelatin-based products.

The Sweet Lounge Gummies are encased in 100% plastic-free packaging which make use of emerging material technology to keep products in perfect condition. The plastic-free pouches are also home-compostable and contribute toward planting and conserving trees in the Amazon Rainforest. 

Sweet Lounge is fully committed to eco-friendly packaging innovation and behind the scenes is busy working on more packaging alternatives for other product ranges. The brand has made a promise that all new ranges created will have recyclable or compostable packaging so consumers can indulge guilt free.

Sweet Lounge was launched in 2014 with a passion for making people happy through sweet treats and gifts, its focus today is continuing to build on this happiness through great tasting, plant-based innovations across its Gummies, Chocolate, Candies and Fudge ranges.

The Sweet Lounge Gummies are available to purchase directly through the Sweet Lounge website and in BOOTHS stores in the north of England at a cost of £2.25 per pack.

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