Eclectic & Bohemian topped Pinterest trends in 2021

Keen to find out which interior styles we were most interested in last year, took to Pinterest to see the interior design trends people were taking most inspiration from. discovered that the most pinned design trend on Pinterest in 2021 was Eclectic. The trend had a whopping 747,480 pins over 998 different boards. The Eclectic style is characterised by mixing patterns, styles and colours to create a unique but cohesive design.

In second place was Bohemian décor, with 588,967 pins over 998 boards, known for its lack of structure and relaxed style.
Third was Minimalist, which strives to convey the message of simplicity as it has elements without decoration and basic materials with repetition of structures. This trend had 538,222 pins across 996 boards.

The least favourite 2021 design on Pinterest, meanwhile, was the Crittall style. Crittall is generally used on doors or windows, or as room dividers to create an open-but-separate feel. It is characterised by heavy black lines set in contrast to sheer glass. The style featured on just 12 boards, and had a total of 284 pins on Pinterest.

1. Eclectic (747,480 pins)
2. Bohemian (588,967 pins)
3. Minimalist (538,222 pins)
4. Modern (529,264 pins)
5. Modern Rustic (473,641 pins)
6. Chic (468,227 pins)
7. Vintage (457,167 pins)
8. Rustic (442,629 pins)
9. Natural (379,433 pins)
10. Industrial (318,906 pins)

11. Coastal (288,297 pins)
12. Deco (251,173 pins)
13. Transitional (245,133 pins)
14. Scandi (175,826 pins)
15. Geometric (122,839 pins)

To carry out the research collated a list of the top 30 interior design trends from multiple sources including Ideal Home, Good Housekeeping and Insider and then found boards on Pinterest associated with each design trend using the operator ‘interior design [trend]’. A manual inspection of boards was carried out to ensure all terms were related to interior trends only. The number of boards and pins were collected for each design trend, and each trend was ranked by total number of pins.

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