Decorating your Home with Intention

When push comes to shove, everyone is ultimately aware that their home has a deep significance above and beyond just being a place to sleep and store clothes. The way you set up, structure, and decorate your home can have a major impact on your sense of well-being and perspective on a daily basis, while simultaneously influencing the motifs that you focus on habitually.

Featured image is by British Craft Trade Fair exhibitor, Jamie Poole, who layers his paintings by collaging the beautiful words of poets, to create intricate textures in a style reminiscent of linocut prints, for a spiritually uplifting and aesthitically stunning home decor choice.

The layout and design of your home can also have real implications for things like the dynamics between different members of your family, and how capable you will be of regularly inviting friends and acquaintances over, and having fun. Unfortunately, many of us don’t necessarily personalise and ornament our homes with quite as much intentionality as we perhaps should, whether that means investing in personalised photo products from a company like Pixa Prints, or whether it means hanging up our own art pieces. Here are just a few benefits of decorating your home with a greater sense of intentionality.

You can radically change the energy and atmosphere of the home for the better
If you have any doubts that the way you decorate and style your home can influence the energy of the place to a great degree, just consider the following question. What would make you feel more positive and upbeat on a day-to-day basis, a home that is brightly painted and illuminated, with good natural lighting, and pictures and ornaments displaying scenes that you find uplifting, or one that is dimly illuminated and dusty, and is ornamented with motifs that you associate with sorrow?

This point may seem almost ridiculous in how obvious it is, but for some reason, many of us forget just how much power we have to influence the energy and feeling of our own homes on a day-to-day basis. Even just adding one ornament with a certain type of “vibe” that you enjoy and find uplifting, can have a big impact on how your home feels, as a whole. Of course, it should go without saying that if you live with other people, or invite other people over, the way your home is decorated will also have a significant impact on their moods, and on the social dynamics you all experience, as well.

You can more effectively motivate and energise yourself in specific ways

Since the ways in which you ornament and decorate your home can have a major impact in influencing your energy levels and sense of perspective, there are also various ways that you can use home decoration and ornamentation to motivate and energise yourself in more specific ways. If you are starting a career as an entrepreneur and have a home office space, for example, decorating that space with professional office furniture, motivational posters, and an overall motif that helps to promote a sense of professionalism, can really help to get you into the right headspace to do your best, and to achieve as much as you can, day after day. (Image of home office working by self-watering planter specialist, Lechuza).

At the same time, if you are trying your hand at becoming an artist, then doing things like hanging up your paintings, or creating a certain niche within your home that is ornamented with works of art that you find uplifting, can help to provide a great deal of motivation and inspiration, and can remind you to keep practising and creating, instead of becoming distracted and giving up.

All of us want to achieve certain things in life, and to embody certain roles – whether that’s the role of a fitness enthusiast, or an artist, or anything else.
The way that you decorate and ornament your home can have a real impact on your ability to effectively step into any number of a variety of roles, and to maximise and achieve your full potential, in the way that you want.

You can keep the people and things you cherish most in your awareness consistently
Decorating your home with things like personalised photographs of your loved ones, and mementos from great moments in your life, can help to consistently remind you of your loved ones, and of the things that you find most valuable in the world. Everyday life has a way of routinely distracting us from our priorities, and directing our attention away to things that may be “urgent,” but are rarely “meaningful” in a deeper kind of sense. While we all need to pay the bills, most people wouldn’t find a lifetime spent doing nothing but paying the bills to be rich, fulfilling, or meaningful. Instead, it’s things like our connections with other people, and our deeper values and interests, that give life so much of its richness and meaning.

You can promote a greater sense of mental clarity and perspective
You’ve almost certainly noticed that, over the last several years, minimalism has been a highly popular trend – and all sorts of different individuals have appeared as advocates for a more minimalistic day-to-day lifestyle. Often, what “minimalism” really means is keeping a clutter-free home, with relatively few belongings, and with a greater sense of intentionality about the way in which we structure, organise, and decorate our living spaces.

While some people may find it beneficial to own very few belongings, most of us would probably prefer to not go down the road of total minimalism. There is definitely something to be said, though, for having a less cluttered and more intentional home environment to inhabit on a day-to-day basis. When your home environment is well organised, and is low in clutter, you will almost automatically tend to find that you experience a much greater degree of mental clarity, and a better sense of direction, as well.

Our internal mental states tend to correlate with our immediate environments – especially when the immediate environment is our own home. So, if you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed, as so many people do on a regular basis, then at least part of the solution may be to declutter your home and to be more mindful of the things you choose to put in it.


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