Turtle Doves announces £10k charity pledge

Turtle Doves, the British design and manufacturing company, specialising in recycled cashmere clothes and accessories, will give £5 to Scleroderma and Raynaud’s UK (SRUK) and Shelter for every 100% cashmere jumper donated throughout February, with an overall target of £10k, it has announced.

Customers who donate will also receive a free pair of recycled cashmere gloves worth £29.00 in return for their old or unwanted 100% cashmere jumper, and 10% off their next order with Turtle Doves.

The initiative is designed to promote sustainable fashion and celebrate British manufacturing, and coincides with London Fashion Week (18-22 February), which welcomes some of the world’s most influential fashion houses to the UK.

SRUK is the UK’s only health charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with scleroderma and Raynaud’s phenomenon. Despite affecting around one-fifth of the global adult population and up to 10 million Brits, Raynaud’s remains a lesser-known condition that many mistake as something fleeting when in the cold. With temperatures expected to plummet this month, fingerless gloves have been revealed to have an array of benefits to help combat the threat colds, flu, or Raynaud’s.

Turtle Doves’ recycles fingerless gloves double up as wrist warmers and supports people suffering from Raynaud’s, circulatory problems, arthritis, and other health issues affected by cold weather. Shelter campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in the UK. It gives advice, information, and advocacy to people in need. Turtle Doves is a long-term supporter of Shelter as an advocate for donating pre-loved cashmere jumpers for recycling or to local clothing collections to help the homeless, refugees or people in crisis.

Graham Holbrook, owner of Turtle Doves, said: “We are marking Raynaud’s Awareness Month by fundraising for two wonderful charities – and rewarding customers who donate 100% cashmere jumpers with a pair of recycled Turtle Doves fingerless gloves in addition to a £5 charity donation to SRUK and Shelter. The scheme also coincides with London Fashion Week, when it’s important to promote sustainable fashion and the benefits of buying less, choosing well, and making it last.

“At Turtle Doves, sustainability is what we do – it’s in our company DNA. Our customers love that we upcycle cashmere jumpers but that’s just one element of how we try our best to be kind and respectful to the planet, our customers, our employees, our self-employed seamstresses, and the local community. In the past 12 months we’ve saved over 150,000 cashmere jumpers from going to landfill or going abroad – and we hope this new month-long initiative will be equally successful.”

Customers can donate their cashmere jumpers and receive a free* paid of Turtle Doves fingerless gloves here. *There is an administration charge of £3 for the handling and packaging of each pair of gloves.

Trade customers can see Turtle Doves exclusively at Spring Fair this season: Stand 3F12.


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