Setting the trend for garden décor in 2022

With decorative homewares and creativity on the rise, shoppers are now utilising every room, gardens included, so it’s no surprise that demand for outdoor decor in the UK is higher than ever. Woodlodge is delighted to add to its carefully curated Honey & Wild portfolio with more products than ever available to help embellish outside spaces.

Research has revealed that engaging with wildlife can lower stress and lead to better overall mental health, with the UK public seeing and hearing more birds and wildlife during lockdown. Honey & Wild is delighted to introduce its brand-new insect hotels and bird feeders that will be beneficial for wildlife and ecological balance in the garden.

The insect hotels provides a safe haven for the bees in the garden and allows them to make their nest in the bamboo tubes and wooden block tunnels, whilst ladybirds, lacewings and beetles will be at home in the different chambers made up of hollow tubes, fir wood, pine cones and wood shavings. Butterflies are an important pollinator in gardens but a loss of habitat is cited as a major factor in their recent decline. For gardeners that want to help their plight, the highly decorative Wooden Butterfly Hotel will provide a safe haven as well as making an enchanting fixture outdoors. The Wooden Hedgehog House will help to create a safe habitat for the spiky mammals whilst giving a helping hand to hibernate during the long, cold winter months, whilst the reignited love of garden birds for many people will see sales of the new range of wooden bird houses soar.

Honey & Wild has also extended its range of novel and unique wall art that will enhance a gardens natural surroundings of plants and outdoor living décor.
A well-placed mirror in the garden can reflect sunlight into dark spaces and corner and add depth to a smaller garden and Honey & Wild has gone one step further with the introduction of new solar mirrors in both contemporary heart and gothic church designs to highlight the warmth and given a greater sense of enclosure in an outdoor space.

New larger mirrors such as the Lincoln and the Hereford take inspiration from classic cathedral-inspired arches, whilst encapsulating the trend of taking the “indoors out”. Bring art and subtle lighting to the outside of the home with solar wall art in the form of butterflies and dragonflies, elegance and sophistication metal floral art that adds a three-dimensional sense to your wall, or a touch of humour with the latest humorous wooden signs, guaranteed to bring a smile.

Gardens are getting smaller so the additions of Honey & Wild’s new products will help homeowners to make the most of the space they have. The Flower Arch will lead the eye upwards when planted with climbers, whilst with the Bench Arch, the sky is the limit with plants that grow upwards whilst providing a place to sit frees up more space on the ground.

Make the most out of container gardening with new metal pot stands and wall planters and group together in a ‘potscape’ to create a big impact. Other new additions include the extensive line-up of garden spinners which will create dimension and movement and accentuate small spaces and Solar Garden Stakes that will create architectural light and height in borders or pots.


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