Cocktail Hour!

Who doesn’t love a cocktail once in a while? If you are keen on cocktails but don’t always want to go out on the town in order to get one, it is perfectly possible to create delicious cocktails in your own home. Here are some of the major tips you should know if you fancy a home made tipple, shaken or stirred!

Start Easy

Certain cocktails are a lot easier to make than other ones, so it might be worth focusing on those in particular if you want to ensure that you are learning how to improve your cocktail-making skills. In essence, what we are saying is that it’s a good idea to start easy. A lot of the most delicious cocktails are actually very simple to make, just combining two or three spirits and not much else. You could start with a simple mojito, rum and coke, g&t, or sex on the beach, for example. These are delicious – and alcoholic – and yet very easy and straightforward to make.

Use A Pre-Made Kit

Another way to make it easier, while also ensuring that you are making delicious cocktails, is to use a pre-made kit. If you have not looked into these before, you should certainly think about doing so, as you are going to find that it really makes a huge difference to how easily you create some amazing cocktails. It’s worth looking around for a decent cocktail making kit, as this way you are going to find that you can put together some of the best cocktails around without having to source loads of different ingredients separately. You could also save some money this way, which is always welcome.

Be Careful With Your Ice

Most of the time, you are going to struggle to use too much ice. Most cocktails are going to benefit from having a decent amount of ice, so if you are ever wondering whether to add more or not, you probably should. That is a pretty solid and reliable rule of thumb, and it’s also an easy and simple way to make a cocktail a little bigger without spending any more. Keep a lot of ice stocked at home for this purpose, especially if you are somewhat serious about learning to make great cocktails.

Treat Yourself To The Right Equipment

You might not absolutely need a lot of equipment to get yourself underway with making cocktails, but it is often going to help if you shop around for at least some of it. Having options for this is something to consider, anyway – even if it’s just having cocktail shakers that you can use at home. The more professional the equipment, of course, the more likely it is that you will create delicious cocktails easily at home.

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