Exploring The Brits’ Gift-Giving Habits

On average, the adult Brit gives thirty-two gifts per year, and that is among the highest in Europe. Gift-giving is a gesture of love, appreciation and recognition of loved ones. In the UK, there are variations of gifting origins in the Victorian era and how it transformed through the ages.

Even in the era of digitisation and its benefits, many Brits still prefer a tangible gift. Instead of having an e-card or digital present, they prefer to have a physical one handed to them. A 2021 research discovered that 64% of Brits appreciate physical gifts a lot more than something that cannot be touched or handled. The research also stated that this seems to have originated from historic times when gifts were mostly tangible items. Another interesting fact is that 90% of people aged 45 years and over are believed to gear more towards gifts of this sort.

People would often attach sentimental value to the presents they receive. For example, a gift of flowers may mean so much to a person who prefers a physical gift to an experiential one. An Independent.co.uk news article indicated that the increased preference for tangible gifts could be associated with appreciation. There is a belief that the gifter took the ‘trouble’ to search for an ideal gift. That, coupled with the process of wrapping or boxing the present, often means more dedication to the cause.

Greener and sustainable gifting options

Two in ten Brits say they prefer to gift an item that represents sustainability. It is in support of all the brands that go the extra length to produce items with green benefits. According to wearthlondon.com, whether the person receiving the gift believes in sustainability doesn’t matter. On the contrary, it can be a subtle reminder for them to start appreciating the positives of sustainable gifting options. For example, reusable makeup pads as a gift item will prompt a person (particularly ladies) to see the hazards of one-time-use options.

Another factor fuelling the drive for green gifts is the need to reduce the influx of corrosive batteries at landfill sites. Many green-minded Brits believe that alkaline battery-powered gift items negatively impact the environment. It is probably why many would immediately opt for a gift of re-plantable flowers, which fits the bill.

Ethical giving / problem-free gift items

If you are a lover of diamonds and wish to present a special person with one, you can go ahead to do exactly that as long as you can afford it. However, apart from the pricing, have you considered where and how the diamond is sourced? This is an issue for Brits concerned about ethical gifts. Purely on ethical grounds, some people want to be certain about the raw materials sourced from other countries. As long as these elements are sourced in problem-free zones, devoid of child labour and unfair treatment of workers, it is good.

Image Credit: British Craft Trade Fair exhibitor, Alexia Claire


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