Johnsons Lawn Seed launches ‘Celebration’ wildflower tins

For the month of May, Johnson’s Lawn Seed is encouraging gardeners to say “no” to mowing their lawns to help bees, butterflies, and wildlife, as part of Plantlife’s No Mow May initiative. To further support this, the historic producer of lawn seed is set to enter new markets with a unique and easy-to-merchandise wildflower gifting solution

No Mow May was first launched in 2019 by Plantlife to highlight the sad fact that almost 7.5 million acres of flower-rich meadows and pastures have been lost since the 1930s. The result is fewer pollinators and fewer insect-eating birds. With so many pollinating insects on the decline, our gardens are the perfect place to turn to counter this decline. Even small steps, such as having a slightly overgrown lawn or planting wildflowers that are rich in pollen and nectar, will attract beneficial insects and bees to gardens.

New wildflower mix from Johnsons Lawn Seed
After a fantastic year of trading in its traditional fields of the garden and commercial lawn seed, Johnsons Lawn Seed is excited to present a new wildflower gifting concept – Celebration – which will open up this lucrative product category to gift and home retailers, whilst also helping to replace Britain’s declining wildflower environments. You can see the new product for yourself at Glee 2023, where Johnsons Lawn Seed will exhibit on Stand: 20H40-J41.

As consumer shifts towards sustainable living and the great outdoors, the contents of the tins, which consist entirely of wildflower, with no bulking agents or fillers whatsoever, will help them grow a spectacular annual array of wildflowers in any open space. Once scattered on the desired area, the flowering mixture will establish quickly and have a long flowering period from eight weeks after sowing, up until the first frost.

From pretty Paper Daisies and dazzling Cornflowers to delicate Chinese Forget-Me-Nots and majestic California Poppies, this unique mix of 15 of the most distinctively beautiful wildflowers* will make gardens come alive with a riot of colour for months on end. Previewed to the trade at Glee in 2022, the Celebration tins showed garden centres how they can provide stand-out on shelves and at the tills, allowing retailers to create striking displays in-store to encourage impulse purchases and catch the eye of browsing shoppers.

Perfect for Pollinators
Not only do the Wildflower tins make ideal gifts for garden-loving friends and family, but they also offer an important gift to nature, as the wildflowers will encourage pollinators into gardens, providing nectar for these vital winged insects. Outdoor spaces will come alive with bees and butterflies for months at a time as soon as the flowers appear.

With coverage of up to 15m2 from one tin and an RRP of just £9.99, Celebration offers a lot more for your customers’ money. Not only is it great value but, coming from such a long-established expert as Johnsons, retailers can be confident that this is a top quality, best-in-class product, that delivers on the promise. Put simply, Celebration does what it says on the tin!

Consumer Manager for Johnsons Lawn Seed, Guy Jenkins, says: “We are delighted to launch our Celebration wildflower seed tins. The product has been designed with gifting in mind and is also designed to be very user-friendly with easy-to-sow seeds that will help consumers achieve beautiful results that will attract butterflies and bees to their gardens and other open spaces.

“Importantly, we have created a mix that isn’t reliant on heavy bulking agents as similar mixes on the market do. For us, this is not about having the biggest box on the shelf. Instead, we want to create something that not only looks good on the shelf or till-top display but also delivers results for anyone lucky enough to receive this as a gift. We want to keep pollinators in the gardens and customers happy and coming back for more.”

In the Tin
The Celebration Wildflower Tins contain a stunning mix of flower seeds, chosen to create a riot of colour and attract all kinds of pollinators to the garden:

Paper Daisy White/Pink/Purple; Pheasant’s Eye Red/Orange; Pot Marigold Red/Orange/Yellow; Cornflower Blue/Pink/White; Cosmos Pink/Purple; Painted Daisy Red/Orange/Pink/Yellow; Dwarf Morning Glory Blue/Purple/Pink/White; Chinese Forget-Me-Not Blue; California Poppy Multi Colour Mix; Fineflower Blue/Pink; Farewell to Spring Pink/Red/White; Baby’s Breath Red/White; Candy Tuft White/Blue/Pink/Purple; Love-in-a-Mist Blue/Pink/Purple/White; Corn Poppy Red

What’s more, each mixture of Johnsons’ wildflowers will establish within eight weeks. By not mowing the lawn this May, the longer length will create a haven for wildlife, newts, frogs, and hedgehogs to forage, as well as beetles and worms that will also bring birds to your garden to feast on the many invertebrates.


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