Hornby George PR officially launches

As 2024 unfolds a new name for all things PR has launched with one of the sector’s longest-serving PR professionals at its helm.

Headed up by Kimberley Hornby, Hornby George PR marks an exciting new chapter for the team that previously led the way with Hornby Whitefoot PR. The new business represents a fresh start for the entire team and is a venture borne from a desire to create a PR offering that stands out from the rest.

The full portfolio of clients has joined Kimberley and her team on this journey, including Glee, GIMA, the Greenfingers Charity and over two dozen suppliers/manufacturers in the home, garden and gift industry. Together these clients represent everything from local awareness content to international campaigns.

Kimberley said: “Hornby George PR represents my past, present, and future and is a true love letter to everything I have learnt over the last 20 years within the garden retail sector. I have seen what works, what doesn’t and where we can make changes that will make a real difference. Now with Hornby George, I want to put this knowledge and experience into practice to demonstrate the actual value of PR.

I’m on a mission to prove that PR isn’t a necessary evil as so many think, but is actually an incredibly valuable function that, when aligned with a business’ short and long-term goals, can build a brand and deliver a major return on investment.”

New divisions & retailer support

Kimberley continued saying: “As part of the vision for Hornby George PR I also want to create an approach that makes PR more accessible to a wider range of businesses, particularly for those retailers that until now have not had the time or resources to optimise PR fully. We have curated a series of specialist PR packages designed to support the full communications journey required by retailers throughout the year. It’s an exciting prospect and one we hope retailers will embrace as we approach spring time.”

In addition to the all-new ‘retailer division’, Hornby George PR has also drawn upon its 20+ years of experience to strengthen its exhibition and supplier/manufacturer divisions. Recognising the different needs of each, these new divisions will offer revised PR structure and support tools, with a team behind each that bring unrivalled expertise to the table.

The art of collaboration

Kimberley added: “One difference I want to celebrate through the formation of Hornby George PR is the art of collaboration. I know many skilled individuals and small businesses and want to showcase their talents alongside ours. In doing so, Hornby George can facilitate a one-stop-shop approach. Drawing upon our talent pool, we can create strategies that include everything from marketing and design to web building, SEO, exhibition stand concepts, and so much more.

This is about making life easier – and more profitable – for our clients whilst also helping them to see the bigger picture and understand how PR can feed into so many different elements of business development.”

The biggest thank you

“Without question, I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today without the support of so many people”, says Kimberley. “My incredible team have been cheering me on for many months as we made Hornby George come to life, whilst many of our clients have become full-time cheerleaders for my vision. More than this, I have been embraced by the garden retail industry for almost two decades and I am incredibly grateful for this every day.

Not many PR agencies get to be so fully embedded in the industries they represent so in a way, this new business is also a thank you for that support. This is the PR agency that I always promised to bring to market.”

Pictured: Kimberley Hornby (second from left) with team members, Cassie King, Charlotte Cowell and Fiona Garcia.

Find out more

Any brand wanting to start its PR journey in 2024 is invited to contact Hornby George PR to learn more. Visit www.hornbygeorgepr.com, email kimberley@hornbygeorgepr.com or call 07851 610573.


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