Sustainable Christmas Crackers

Christmas calls for crackers but, mindful of how much ends up in the bin or at the back of the ‘randoms’ drawer when the big day is over, Little Green Cracker Company has come up with some eco-friendly options. Everything is sustainably sourced, recycled (especially the cracker joke) and recyclable.

Their high quality cracker gifts are sourced from UK companies and are designed to be played with at the Christmas table and beyond. Gifts for all ages include a Professor Puzzle matchbox puzzle kit; a mini slinky; a Lanka Kade wooden spinning top; a small tin of sensory playdough; a coloured pencil set; and a soya wax crayon set.

The Kid’s box is packed with fun gifts, wrapped in a completely compostible, red robin designed eco-cracker.

New for the show is the latest in their range of luxury eco-Christmas crackers – the beautiful Pomegranate luxury eco-Christmas cracker, printed on recycled and FSC card, with vegetable inks, handmade, and handtied with vibrant red recycled polyester ribbon. Everything, including the gifts, is sourced from small eco-companies in the UK and is designed to be used, composted or recycled.

Inside the cracker, you’ll find a hat, snap and a terrible joke, as well as gifts that you’ll want to use, rather than throw in the bin or consign to the back of a drawer – these include a St Eval scented tealight; a Nutscene ball of twine; a Seedball bee-friendly wildflowers matchbox; a Natural Spa scented soap bar; a pack of New Leaf Nurseries pea shoot seeds; and a Wee Tea Company coffee bag.

No Plastic; No Tat!


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