Spotlight on Moose & Co.

Moose & Co’s journey from humble beginnings on their kitchen table to becoming a name in the world of home textiles is nothing short of inspiring.

Founded by Craig and Jon, both of whom share a deep-rooted love for traditional Welsh tapestry designs, they recognized the lack of options when it came to finding these beautiful patterns on fabrics other than wool. This gap in the market sparked the idea for Moose & Co, and in 2018, they took their first step towards realizing their vision by attending their first craft fair.

Their dedication to sustainability and the use of handmade products has been instrumental in their success, and as they continue to expand, they have remained true to their roots. The introduction of new fabrics and designs has not only kept their collection fresh but also showcased their commitment to innovation. By offering customers a unique and modern twist on traditional Welsh tapestry designs on alternative fabrics, they have catered to a wider audience, including those who cannot use wool products.

Their focus on small-scale British manufacturers and supplying independent retailers and hotels across the world is a testament to their belief in the power of local businesses. Moose & Co’s story is one of perseverance, creativity, and a determination to make a difference in the home textiles industry. It is this passion that has seen them grow from a kitchen table operation to a thriving brand in just a few short years.


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