January’s GCA BoT results reveal outdoor garden projects are on the up

Hard landscaping topped the sales table in the Garden Centre Association’s (GCA) Barometer of Trade (BoT) report for January 2024, with hardy plants, seeds and bulbs also doing well (February 2024).

Figures recorded by GCA member garden centres last month show a good start to the new year with just three of the logged categories down on 2023. GCA CEO, Peter Burks says: “Our BoT for January shows an encouraging result for the first month of the year, with sales overall up a touch at + 3.19%.

“Clearly garden centre customers were out in their gardens doing projects, as our hard landscaping category posted the largest increase on last year and hardy plants, seeds and bulbs, and garden sundries also recorded good positive increases. From my regular chats with members and my visits to garden centres, I hear that, despite the ongoing wet weather, these positive sales have continued into February too.”

Hard landscaping, when compared to the same month in 2023, was up +29.07%, followed by catering at +12.55%, excluding the miscellaneous category, which was +19.18%, with outdoor plants in at +11.26%. The subsequent category that performed well in January was seeds and bulbs, which was up by +9.54%, then food hall/farm shop at +6.13% and garden sundries at +7.3%.

Clothing also recorded a positive return in January, in comparison to the same month last year, and was up +5.14%. Pets and aquatics also did well at +4.29%, followed by gifts at +0.07%. However, according to January’s BoT results, furniture & BBQs did the least well, recording a -10.5% figure, with houseplants down by -9.56% and Christmas in at -5.72%.

The GCA BoT reports are compiled using actual sales figures and provide an up-to-date trading position statement. They are made available mid-month following the end of the prior month after all member garden centres have submitted their results.


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