The Artisan’s Journey

In the picturesque town of Thame, Fitch and Fellows Gallery stands as a beacon of creativity and expression. Owned by the retired actress Susannah Fellows, it’s a sanctuary for art lovers and enthusiasts.

Among the treasures adorning its walls are the exquisite ceramic sculptures of a talented artist, Dorienne Carmel, whose creations never fail to captivate. Upon receiving an email filled with images of these mesmerising sculptures, Susannah’s excitement knows no bounds. “I love them! Could we have them?” she eagerly responds, setting the stage for a collaboration that enchants visitors and art connoisseurs.

Meanwhile, across the sun-drenched landscapes of Andalucia, Spain, the Tamisa Gallery proudly displays the same Artist’s works, adding a touch of magic to its surroundings. Amidst a tapestry of awards and honours, this Artist stands tall, and their recent title of Artist of the Year is a testament to their unparalleled talent. But even amidst the glow of success, she continues pushing her art’s boundaries, crafting new sculptures that breathe life into clay.

From the graceful curves of mermaids to the majestic presence of mermen,to the shimmering scales of fish; the delicate wings of birds, each sculpture is a masterpiece in its own right, bearing the mark of the Artist’s creativity and passion.

As time marches, the Artist’s journey unfolds, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. Every sculpture they create reminds us that true art knows no bounds—it transcends time and space, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

Dorienne would be delighted to hear from other galleries that are interested in showcasing her work. You can see more on the British Craft Directory.


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