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The Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) marketing initiative aims to improve the image of geraniums and promote their sale. To achieve this, PfE combines consumer campaigns with offers specifically for the garden retail trade. In 22 European countries, PfE informs consumers and specialist garden sector retailers about the care, history and many different varieties and uses of geraniums. The programme also raises awareness of the high standards in European plant breeding and production.

PfE supports the garden retail trade with a variety of free marketing materials. These include advertising media such as posters and banners, professionally produced images, text templates for PR, videos and up-to-date specialist information to support retailers with boosting sales. All these materials are available on the website which is currently available in 12 languages.
Cost-effective, time-saving and adaptable The content and materials developed by PfE make it easy for garden centres, florists and retail nurseries to carry out their own marketing activities quickly and cheaply, helping them positively influence their customers’ views of geraniums and increase their own sales of these plants.

Garden sector retailers can choose from a wide range of products, adapting their marketing activities to their own individual needs. PfE informs these retailers about its free support services via specialist communication, industry co-operations and at trade fairs and other events. It provides a range of opportunities to increase geranium sales by simple means. These include ideas for product presentation, press relations or addressing and informing consumers at the point of sale or via social media.

As a result, PfE helps strengthen the marketing expertise of the garden retail sector, giving fresh impetus to specialist retailers and encouraging them to break new ground in product presentation and customer communication. 

Overview of offers for garden retail trade POS materials – PfE produces a range of indoor and outdoor advertising materials every year that can be used right at the point of sale. Some media, such as posters and banners, are available for free download from the PfE trade website. Simply download and print them out for immediate use.

Image database – The image database at offers a huge selection of professional geranium photography in a variety of styles. It contains images of geraniums in range of colours, sizes and uses. Whether the aim is to show customers the variety of geraniums available, provide them with design ideas for balconies, terraces and gardens, or offer inspiration for creating table decorations or DIY projects, the image database has the right image for every need. Specialist garden retailers can use the images for public relations, advertising, social media or the development of their own POS materials at no cost.  

Press releases – The press releases provide extensive information about geraniums, from decoration and DIY ideas to care tips and interesting facts about geranium history and the different species. PfE encourages garden centres, florists and retail nurseries to use all or part of the texts for their own purposes, for example to create press releases or adverts for local PR, helping them position themselves as experts and a trustworthy source on all questions relating to geraniums.  

Videos – PfE publishes a series of short and longer videos showing decorating ideas or care tips every year. Retailers can post these films on their own websites or social media channels. The new videos are uploaded to PfE’s own YouTube channel throughout the geranium season.

Social media content – from Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest to YouTube, PfE operates a range of social media channels. There, garden retailers will find a wide range of helpful and inspiring content, they can quickly customise and share via their own channels, making their own social media presence lively and interesting with very little effort.

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