It’s a wrap! Creative gift packaging ideas

If you’re a boutique owner, an online shopaholic, or just a mum at home who loves to gift with a bit of flair, creative packaging can transform even the simplest of gifts into something truly unique and special. We’ve listed 8 ideas that not only look gorgeous but can also add that personal touch to your gifts.

Personalised Stickers
So you’ve just bought a beautiful scarf for your best friend’s birthday. Instead of wrapping it in generic paper, why not seal it with a custom sticker that says, “Wrapped with love for Lucy”? A sticker printer is an excellent tool for branding your packages or simply making them pop. With a variety of styles—from classic matte to eye-catching holographic—you can easily find something that complements your gift and resonates with your personal or brand identity.

Tissue Paper with a Twist
Tissue paper is a given in the world of gift wrapping, but let’s twist it up a bit! Choose tissue paper that matches the theme of the gift or the occasion. For instance, a sprinkle of gold tissue paper can make your gift shimmer with glamour. For an added layer of personalisation, use a rubber stamp to imprint your own design or a sweet message across the paper. It’s simple, elegant, and oh-so-unique.

Gorgeous and Green
With more consumers valuing sustainability, why not incorporate eco-friendly packaging into your gift? Materials like recycled paper or biodegradable bubble wrap can make your gift kind to Mother Earth while still looking stylish. You can even use fabric wraps, which can be reused by the recipient, adding functionality to your green choice.

Box It Up with Style
Sometimes, the right box can make all the difference. Investing in high-quality boxes that your recipient can repurpose. A sturdy, beautifully designed box doesn’t just protect the gift inside; it also adds to the unboxing experience. The sheer delight when they realises that the box itself is part of the gift, perfect for storing little keepsakes!

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon
Never underestimate the power of a beautiful ribbon. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful ribbon. Whether you choose silky satin bands or rustic burlap strings, the right ribbon beautifies your package. Consider playing with ribbons in creative ways—perhaps weave them into braids or use them to dangle a charming little trinket or a playful handwritten tag.

Sealing with Wax
For a vintage vibe, seal your wrapped gifts with wax. A wax seal adds an old-world charm and makes the packaging feel more intimate and bespoke. You can find seals in various shapes and designs or even custom-made ones with a special symbol or initial.

Container Creativity
Finally, think outside the traditional wrapping paper box. Tin cans, mason jars, and even woven baskets can be unconventional alternatives to standard gift boxes. They serve as unique packaging and can be repurposed by your gift recipient, adding extra value to your thoughtful present.

By putting a little extra thought into your packaging, you transform your gifts into memorable keepsakes. It’s all about designing an experience that feels as good as the gift itself.

Pictured top: Thistle Gift Wraps by Rachel Meehan – British Craft Directory and Joyful flowers patterned wrapping paper by Mary’s House Designs – British Craft Directory

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