Gifts for people who need to unwind

If you know someone that is overly stressed and generally overwhelmed in your life, you might want to think about purchasing them a gift that will help them relax. Here are some of the best ideas that could be worth exploring.

Wax Melts And Other Fragrances

First, you might want to think about buying some wax melts for the person in your life that needs to relax. If you know someone who is filled with stress then bath wax melts can be a great idea. You can even buy a device that is designed to add wonderful lighting to handmade wax melts. You just need to check the reviews as some provide a far better level of quality compared with others that are available. Add a wax melt to an evening bath environment for a wonderful time.

Wax melts pictured left by B Home Scent and ceramic oil burner above available from Irish Christmas Market.

Bath Bombs

Next, you should think about buying some bath bombs for the special person in your life who needs to relax more. Why are bath bombs so relaxing? Some people love watching the different colours that they create however these too can provide wonderful scents like lavender which are well known to help you relax. Bath bombs can also be themed so you should have no problem finding the perfect choice for the special person in your life.

Sophie’s Soaps offers a fabulous gift box full of pampering treats that will help you de-stress. This gift box is filled to the brim with: Massage Bar, two Soap Bars, Bubble Dough, Bath Salts, Reusable Makeup Pads, Soap Saver Bag, Loofah Soap Holder, Lip Butter, Makeup Brush Cleaner, Shampoo and Conditioner.


You could also think about purchasing someone a couple of books to read if they are trying to relax. Books can be the perfect option to unwind after a long day. The big benefit of books is that they come in such a wide variety of genres that it’s easy to find the perfect choice that is going to work for them. Why not gift someone a spiritual classic or meditation guide for some inner work which helps relieve the pressure of outer living?

For instance, you might want to think about getting them a romance novel. Or, you could try buying them a thriller. There are always great books on the market around this time of year, just in time for the festive season when people are searching for stocking fillers for friends and family members.


Candles are another wonderful choice to add to a relaxing environment, like this lovely apple spice scented candle from Maxi Melts. Like wax melts, candles come in a variety of different scents. You can even choose one that matches a person’s favorite colour as well.

If you are interested in candles but are worried about the fire hazard then you might want to think about trying electric candles instead. These can provide the exact same aesthetic as a natural candle without the worry that they might cause an issue, particularly for an elderly loved one.


You might also want to think about providing them with the great gift of music. There are countless research studies which show that music can be a wonderful way to relax. So, it could be worth thinking about buying them a CD or even a way to play music if you are looking for a more expensive gift. Noise cancelling headphones can be a great choice because they will allow you to block out all the other distractions.

We hope you love these gift ideas and we’re sure that special person in your life will love them too.

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