Great Gifts for Foodies

Foodies are often happy with gifts relating to their love for all things culinary and gustatory but, with so much choice out there, it’s not always easy to know what to get. Being a fan of food doesn’t mean that you will eat just about anything. In fact, it can often mean that the person is more discerning and prefers high-quality food. So where do you start if you’re looking for the best gifts for foodies?

Restaurant Vouchers

Eating in a restaurant is often one of the best types of experiences for people who love food. They don’t have to make the food themselves, and they can choose places to eat based on other people’s reviews. If you know any foodies, they probably have a list of places that they want to try. But restaurants can be expensive, so it’s always useful to have a little help paying for their meals. Vouchers or gift cards can often be bought for specific restaurants, restaurant groups, or those participating in a certain scheme or program offering vouchers or cards.

A Food Subscription

Subscriptions of all kinds have exploded in recent years, including plenty of food subscriptions. They make great gifts because they keep coming for however many months you have paid for them. You can explore lots of different options for food subscriptions too, including everything from cheese to bacon. Both savoury and sweet options exist, and some are even designed to provide the ingredients to put something together. There are also plenty of drinks subscriptions, which are great if you know a foodie who likes to pair their food with something good to drink.

Specialty Food

If you can’t decide what to get someone as a gift, a selection of items is a good choice. Hampers are perfect for this, whether you buy one or put one together yourself. You can find plenty of gourmet gift hampers with a wonderful selection of items on different themes. Some of them feature foods from a particular region, or they are on a certain theme, such as afternoon tea hampers. You could also choose to put together a hamper yourself, which gives you the flexibility to choose what you want to put in it.

Home Food Kits

Not everyone who loves eating food likes making it, but there is often a lot of crossover. There are many ways to produce food, whether it’s putting a meal together or doing something like making cheese, canning, or baking. If you know someone who likes preparing food of any kind, you could consider a kit as a gift. These types of gifts contain the required tools, ingredients, and instructions to make something. It could be a kit for curing salmon, making ricotta cheese, or many other options.

Pictured top: Giving & Living exhibitor, Clarence & Bean; above – Tasmanian Gourmet Gift hamper.


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